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Some names are followed by a translation of the name.

Lefty: Adondi. Male. One of two heavies employed by Bidido to take the Tartian Egg from Pierre Bordeaux. (The Tartian Egg)

Leonas, King (Leon): Waxonian pretender to the throne during the Time of Great Strife. His forces won and he became King. He initiated the purge of the other pretenders and the intellectuals which resulted in the Waxonian Dark Ages.

Leonas III, King (Leon): Waxonian. Became king when the Lithuanians departed Waxon.

Leone, Sara: Human. Female. Biochemistry graduation student at the University of Miami's Molecular Evolution Lab. Spanish. Shoulder length black hair curls onto her shoulders and frames her face. Brown eyes. (Shuttle 54, Where R U?)

LeParis, Jean: Human. Male. Jean was born in La Rochelle, France, in 2732 CE, 40 years before Earth's ejection from the solar system, to a family which declined to emigrate to another planet. He joined his high school's theater group and went on to become a famous actor. When theaters closed because of a lack of patronage, he took on the role of the "Lighthouse Keeper" of La Rochelle's living museum replica of "The Lighthouse at the End of the World" until it, too, closed. He then became a burglar until he was caught and imprisoned. (The Lighthouse at the End of the World)

Linas (Linus): Waxonian. Owner of Linas' Transport - Used But Not Abused Vehicles in Ramunus City. He buys and sells used spacecraft, starships, aircraft and floaters. He sold the "Toldon Bose" to Pierre Bordeaux. (Do-Si-Do)

Little Joe the Wrangler: The yellow cat that Red Sky in Mourning had as a boy. (Red Sky in Mourning)

Liz: see Embwalla, Liz

Louis: The computer of Bordeaux Antiquities. (The Centaurian Bud

LydiAnpent: Fohen. Male. Horologist Superior of The River of Horologists. (The Porcelain Hourglass)

Word Web Random Word: "pinnatedly" > Anagram: "Lydian pent". "Lydian" is an extinct Anatolian language.

Lynn: Human. Female. Pilot of the starship Newton (Raptors of the Depths)

M'Boma, Margo: Human, Female. Bioscientist of the planet hunter starship "Purple Spider" (Explorers)

Mahoney, Jerri: Half human, half Adondi. Female. Partner in the Mahoney and Winters law firm in The City of Hope, Adondus. Her firm handled the estate after the "death" of Juan del Rio.

Mancini, (Papa) Luca: Waxonian. Skink whose family cared for the Verucchio family olive orchard. (The War of the Olives)

Mancini, (Mamma) Sophia: Waxonian. Skink. Wife of Papa Luca Mancini (The War of the Olives)

Marco Pollo/Marki: The Marcopo was a shuttle craft for the Taupoian starship Sunrise. The shuttle was equipped with an experimental computer, capable of interacting with the crew by voice. As such, it was given a Taupoian (feminine) voice and was referred to by the name, Marki (It's a Jungle Out There). One aspect of its programming was the command to "Use discretion." This enabled the shuttle to escape the destruction of the Sunrise and wait further orders on a tropical island in the Southern Sea of Taupoi. When rediscovered years later, the shuttle was in a state of complete disrepair, but the computer was removed and placed into a Falcon-Class starship, disk shaped and about 50 meters in diameter (Red Sky in Mourning), of the new Taupoian fleet (Use Discretion). The Marcopo was used by the Taupoians until retired and sold to a buyer on Panjandrum many years later (The Tartian Egg). The Marcopo was eventually transferred to Sheila Cash and Juan del Rio (The Pirates of Panjandrum) and was renamed the Marco Pollo. It eventually took on a male persona and Hispanic accent. Tom Clancy "inherited" the Marco Pollo from his Uncle Juan del Rio. (A Many-Splendored Thing)

For an image of the Marco Pollo after it was inherited by Tom, click HERE.

Marcus/Aquillo: Adondi. Tahiti’s father. While a corporal in the Cavalry of the Kingdom of Belmonte he has a conflict with the local French ambassador. Because he is very good with languages, hacking electronic devices, and already has some skills of secret agents, he is sent to be a student at the Intelligence Academy in Papeete. He becomes a lover of Sheila Cash (Bloodstone) Later, he becomes the husband of RyLee. Back on Adondus, he is a secret agent who lives a double life. As Marcus (husband of RyLee) he is a Captain in the King’s Cavalry. He has a mother and a sister. As Aquillo he is a "sorcerer" in the village of The Crossroads. (The Ring)

As Marcus, he is tall and clean shaven. He has short, dark blue hair and light blue eyes. (The Ring)

As Aquillo, he tends to walk with his legs or back bent so that he seems shorter than Marcus. He has ice-blue hair, mustache, and beard. His eyes are dark blue. While traveling, he wears a black robe and pointed "all-weather" hat. At other times, he wears a light blue robe and beret. (The Ring)

For an image of Marcus on a Tahitian beach, click HERE.
For an image of Aquillo in the forest, click HERE.

Marian: Computer of the Panjandrum Municipal Library. (Don't Cross the Ls in Tortilla)

Marki - see Marco Pollo/Marki

Marta: Adondi. Daughter of one of the police at the roadblock going into Ramunus City. (Split Personality)

Marteen: Waxonian. Juvenile female silver-blue skink. One of the six Guardians of the Sanctuary of Ramunus. (Down the Rushy Glen)

Microchip: Crunk. Male. A programmer in the National Intelligence Services. A friend of Nailbiter. Nicknamed “Chip” (Pushing the Envelope)

“Chip” is also the nickname of Walter Leland Cronkite, Walter Cronkite’s son, which gave me the idea to name this character “Microchip.”

Milda (goddess of love): Waxonian. Hereditary Princess of Waxon. Leader of The Turquoise Band musical group. She had been trained at the best voice school on Waxon. (The Butler Did It) Black eyes, as described by Pierre Bordeaux. (The Centaurian Bud Vase)

Millenaar: Syringee. Wife of Baroo. (Don't Cross the Ls in Tortilla)

Minarus: Adondi, Male. Bidido's Personal Secretary. (Pirates of Panjandrum, and The Tartian Egg). Click here for a picture of Minarus (to the right of the statue)

Mindaugas, King (wise, famous): Waxonian. Milda's great grandfather. He did away with the monarchy and initiated a democratic form of government. (The Butler Did It)

Mitch: Fohen, Male. The chief lackey of Horologist Superior LydiAnpent. I have no second name for him. For an image click HERE.

Molle, Rory: Human. Male. "Rainmaker" from Inngear Sirronn, on Carrthussia. (Apprill Showers) The name is based on "Rory Mole," which I saw in the credits of "Downton Abbey." I liked the sound of the name, but was afraid that readers might think that he was a mole-like alien so I changed the name from Mole to Molle.

Monet, Rafael: Human. Male. He is the theater director and the manager of the acting troupe in La Rochelle, France, where Jean LeParis was an actor. (The Lighthouse at the End of the World)

Monika, Princess (Monica): Waxonian. Daughter of King Leonas III, husband of Lord Petras, and mother of King Darius.

Montoya, Indigo: The name which Tom uses while disguised as in itinerant peddler. (Indigo Blue) The name is a "Tip of the Hatlo Hat" to a line spoken by the character Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride movie. Clint, Clarissa, Janet and Scott were talking about indigo while the kids were home for Christmas vacation, 30 Dec. 2012. Scott brought up the name "Indigo Montoya." So I said, "Prepare to dye!"

MoorHook, Captain: Fohen. Male. The captain of the airship which was to take Derf and Peti to Deep Tar Prefecture. For an image, click HERE. I chose the name when Googling "captain" and found a Captain Moore followed by a Captain Hook in the hits.

Moretti, Francesco: Human. Male. Business associate of Gina Verucchio's father and a Professor at Ravenna Polytechnic University. He offered her the research fellowship sponsored by Claudius Electronics.

Mother Andrea: Zetian. Female. Secret agent of Dendrology Research in Poco a Culm who passed information along to Tom until she was murdered.

Nailbiter: Crunk. Female. She is some sort of scientist with her own private home/lab and an interest in Holographic Quantum Dot Technology. Before establishing her lab, she was a Special Agent for the National Intelligence Service and prior to that she was a politician in her native province. Nicknamed “Biter.” She likes to say that she's called "Nailbiter" because she is tough enough to chew nails. (Pushing the Envelope)

Nailbiter is a name that just popped into my head while I was looking out the window of my Boys’ room.

Nella, King: King of the Saurians on Home. Syree's uncle. (Golden Needles)

Neltonbent: Gerf. Communicator on Shuttle 54. (Shuttle 54, Where R U?)

Newton: AI for the starship Newton (Raptors of the Depths)

Nicelegs: Crunk female. Windsock's fiance. (Pushing the Envelope)

Nightshade: Aquillo's dormara. Black. (The Ring)


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