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Some names are followed by a translation of the name.

Ecks - see del Rio, Juan

Admiral Liz EmbwallahEmbwallah, Liz: Taupoian. Navigator on the Taupoian starship Marcopo who discovers the rogue planet "Nemesis" (Rogue Planet). She is chosen (having reached the rank of Admiral) to make contact with Earth to inform us of the approach of Nemesis and inadvertently transfers Taupoian genetic material to humans. She has dull yellow fur, skin, and eyes with amber lips and a pink tongue. The hair on her head is auburn with yellow highlights and comes down onto her shoulders. She has a baritone voice and a Public School accent. (Rogue Planet, Red Sky in Mourning)

Estimus: Adondi male. Senior official of the SECRIT agency of the SEC. He worked with Mardi Silverblood and Parker in Plan Group 1367, which was tasked with the capture of Bidido. The only hair on his head was a large, white moustache.

Eustan Chi'Kilts: see Chi'Kilts, Eustan

Ewanuick: Waxonian male. Legendary Waxonian hero-outlaw, much like our Robin Hood. Lived during the reign of Audras. (Three Enchilada Dinners To Go)

Farquar: French Human male. Bank Manager of The Bank of New France in Panjandrum City. This is the bank where Pierre Bordeaux does business. (The Tartian Egg)

Faux, Dr. Cindy: Human female. Biochemistry Professor and Head of the Molecular Evolution Lab at the Univ. of Miami, FL. (Shuttle 54, Where R U?)

Fawddom, Brittany: A Taupoian politician and entrepreneur who advocated the cessation of interstellar exploration and travel. She led an attempted coup and was responsible for The Great Dying. (The Great Dying)

Ferrantini, Roberto: Human male. Dishonest land developer who tries to destroy the Verucchio family olive orchard and home. (The War of the Olives)

Feynman, Gabriel: Human male. Alain Aiton's helper. Portrayed a Panjandrum City policeman in order to find Princess Milda. Pretended to be French. Gave his occupation as "Banker" when he arrived in Panjandrum. (The Duck and Doughnut) He helped Aiton kidnap Milda and take her to Svajone to find the Robe of Ramunus. He helped Jake Carmichael seize the Sword of Ramunus on Patience and failed to take the Crown of Ramunus from Pierre Bordeaux.

Fido: see Trittcha/Fido

Fitvet, Aryla: Waxonian female. Pierre Bordeaux's Great Great...Grandmother. She was the Waxonian Poet Laureate, wife of the Earl Marshall to King Jurgis, and a member of The Kindred at the Time of Great Strife. She wrote the Ramunus Haikus. She was a descendant of Prince Aras and King Ramunus. The Waxonian name was derived from Word Web --> random word: fatty liver --> anagram: aryl fit vet, plus an "a" to make the first name sound more feminine.

Fossdikk, Stonny: Carrthussian male. Appril O'Chett's fiance. (Appril Showers) The name is a composite of a couple of names from my names and ideas file and modified to conform to the Carrthussian naming convention.

Foussard, Danielle: The fictitious girl friend of Marcus/Marcel Troyes. (Bloodstone) This is an "Easter Egg," since it is also the name of the French girl played by Brigitte Auber in the Cary Grant movie, "To Catch a Thief."

Fredkin, Billy Bob: Human male. Captain of the starship White Owl. Former military. (Green Jacket Red Cap)

Fundina: Adondi female. Security Ace for Mardi Silverblood's star fighter. (Monkey Trap)

Gabriele (feminine of Gabriel): Waxonian female. A philosopher and scientist who lived in the first half of the dynasty founded by King Audras. The Waxonian Renaissance began with Gabriele's Laws of Motion and her Law of Gravity.

Gareth Gareth: Human male. Blonde-haired man with a small moustache and Van Dyke beard. He is tall and muscular and could be mistaken for a cabaret bouncer. He lives on Syringo and manages well-known musical groups. (The Butler Did It)

Garrett, Clay: Human male. Presenter of the news and opinion vid program called "Clockwork Carrot" that is broadcast on Panjandrum (A Conversation with Gina Verucchio)

Gillesse: Saurian female. Lives on New Home (Raptors of the Depths)

Gloria: Human female. Girl friend of 11-year old Gonzales Gonzales/Red Sky in Mourning. Disappeared in a forest fire while Gonzales fasted in the mountains of Tennessee waiting for a sign to give him his Native American Name. (Red Sky in Mourning)

Gonzales, Gonzales "Sky"--see Red Sky in Mourning

Grace: Terrestrial crow, female. Grace is a rare white (not albino) crow living in El Dorado, AR. She is the mate of Bill. Grace is much more telepathic than normal crows. Her ability extends over a larger distance and she can listen in on scantily telepathic creatures (like hawks and humans) that other crows cannot. She convinced her family, and tricked her mate, Bill, into allowing Bowie Warren to relocate them, along with other birds and animals, to the planet Patience on The Warren Ark. (The Last Acorn)

Halnor: Saurian. Female. Dark violet. Slick. Nexialist on space ship Eight. (Golden Needles)

Har: Fohen. Male. A farmer uncle that Captain MoorHook mentions in Beyond the Clouds.

Harry: Human. Lover of Zenith Warren. (Thixotropic)

Hart, Gavin: Sells a case of his sweet potato wine to the Syringee, Himsoo, to be used as fuel for his flying saucer. (Sweet Potato Wine)

Heira (Tahitian for "crown of sunlight"): Marcus' great black dormara, which he was riding when he "died." (The Ring)

Hernandez, Lieutenant: Human male. Marine on guard in the office of Red Sky in Mourning. (Red Sky in Mourning)

Himsoo: Syringee male. He needed to buy some hydrocarbon fuel for the fusion reactor in his flying saucer. (Sweet Potato Wine) The name was derived from one of Word Web's Random Words -- HMSO (which stands for His/Her Majesty's Stationery Office)

Idd, Lady Auk Hut (Sky): Mumian female. Wife of Lord Idd. Her family name, Sky, is not used when she uses her title. (Umbo Job Mum)

WordWeb Pro Random Word = "Kitakyushu" > Anagram = "auk hut sky I > changed to Auk Hut Sky. Kitakyushu is a Japanese city on Norther Kyushu.

Idd, Lord Rhur Sec Idd: Lord Idd moved from a different country than Umbo Job Mum after he was released from prison for stealing antiquities. He was suspected of stealing the statue of the Time Goddess, Banay. He has a wife, Lady Idd and a son who was not named in my story. (Umbo Job Mum)

WordWeb Pro Random Word = churidars > Anagram = "rhur sec id became Rhur Sec Idd. Churidars are tight trousers worn by people from the Indian subcontinent

Ilona (Helen): Waxonian female. Skinqui who works at the flight reservations counter at the Belgeum spaceport. (Green Jacket Red Cap) Daughter of Norman Walker. (The Elzbieta Bud)

Ishto, Lolo: Zetian male. A member of Juan del Rio's final crew. (The Phoenix). Said to be on the ship that took the Newton, according to Pearova. (Ghost Writer in the Sky)

Jinni: Taupoian. Captain of the starship Sophomoric. (Three Enchilada Dinners To Go)

Jodhpur, Hank: Human male. Biochemistry graduate student at the University of Miami's Molecular Evolution Lab. (Shuttle 54, Where R U?)

Julija (Julia): Waxonian female. Wife of the blacksmith at The Landing. (Split Personality)

Juozas (Joseph): Waxonian male. The percussionist of The Turquoise Band. (The Butler Did It)

Jurgis, King (George): Waxonian male. Jurgis was king at the time of the discovery of the warp drive and the founding of the Waxonian Stellar Colonies (eventually to be known as the Lost Colonies). He died without an heir, and so began the Time of Great Strife.

Kalvis (Blacksmith): Waxonian male. Blacksmith at The Landing who harbored and helped to reconstruct the kite used to rescue Lord Azuolus and Lady Ausra. (The White Crow)

Kasimeras the Destroyer (Casmir): A human-like giant in Waxonian legends from before the time of King Ramunus. Some Waxonian scholars feel that Kasimeras, if he has any historical legitimacy, was simply a large, powerful skink whose stature and deeds were embroidered by time. They assume that the influence of the Lithuanians transformed him from skink to human-like. Other scholars, however, point out the existence of a painting thought to predate the Lithuanians in which Kasimeras was depicted as distinctly human-like. The age of the painting is controversial, but if the assumed age is correct, the appearance of Kasimeras is explained as the result of early Waxonian imagination and the need to create a monster in their stories. Another, not widely held, explanation is that a human or other humanoid was somehow present on ancient Waxon. (Blue Suede Shoes)

Kathryn: Human. Nurse caring for Bidido while he is hospitalized. She has brown eyes, ebony skin, and blonde hair. (Thixotropic)

Kayo/KayoLin: Fohen animal. Female. Derf's reptilian companion during his year in The Tower. (The Porcelain Hourglass) She is a member of the SnopoSoup species. Click here for an IMAGE.

I originally had called her "Pebbles" because this was the name of the Poser model created by "CHK2033" that I wanted to use in my image for the story. I finally decided that I should use a different name and chose "KayoLin" ("Kayo" for short) as "Kaolin" is a major component in porcelain. I added the "y" to make the correct pronunciation more obvious.

Kee'en: Taupoian. The leader of the Taupoian scientists on Fohia in Beyond the Clouds. She has brown fur and a deep, baritone voice

Kenney: Waxonian male. Juvenile silver-blue skink. One of the six Guardians of the Sanctuary of Ramunus. (Down the Rushy Glen)

Kreenree: Saurian male. Green and brown mottled. Slick. Engineer of the space ship Eight. (Golden Needles)


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