Geography and Astrography S - T

Stars, planets, satellites and places on them:

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San Francisco Bay: The city formed by the merger of the other cities around the geographic San Francisco Bay. (Red Sky in Mourning)

San Fulvio: A city in the Italy prefecture of Panjandrum near the Verucchio olive groves

The Seaward Valley: A County on Fohia where Derf, Peti, and Dora grew up.

Initially, I wanted the name to be "The Cloudy Valley," to indicate why the residents did not use sundials, but decided that the whole planet should be perpetually cloudy. So "The Cloudy Valley" would have no particular significance. I checked Word Web for Random Words. The third word selected was "seaward" and I decided to use that, suggesting that the valley was oriented so that everyone in it could see the ocean, as opposed to other valleys with rivers that meandered more.

Serena: The larger of Adondus' two satellites (The Ring, Monkey Trap)

Skull Rock: A basaltic rock formation on the beach in Papanoo which, from the seaward side, resembles a skull. Locals sometimes use it as a picnic site or for assignations. (Blood Stone)

Starbase Prime: The main site of Taupoian interstellar trade. The destination of the Marcopo when they discovered "Nemesis." (Rogue Planet)

Svajone (dream): Habitable satellite of the gas giant planet Millicent the Magnificent. Colonized by the skinks. (Someday My Prints Will Come)

Syringo: Planet of a star much brighter than Earth's sun. Home planet of Baroo. (Ghost Writer in the Sky)

Taupoi: Planet with three major continents, all mostly in the northern hemisphere. Taupoi has several satellites. One orbits close enough to pass between the sun and planet, producing a noticeable eclipse daily. (The Meeks Shall Inherit) It is the home planet of Belle the Cat. (The Duck and Doughnut)

Tautira: Tahitian city on the beach southeast of Papeete. (Blood Stone)

Tec'Loren: A major city of Syringo about fifty miles from Roo'eft. (The Butler Did It)

Triko Star System: A binary star system made up of Triko A, a sun-like star, and Triko B, the remnant of a Type IV Beta supernova. Triko A has one planet, a gas giant, Millicent the Magnificent, which has a habitable satellite, Svajone. (Someday My Prints Will Come)

Twin Mountains: A pair of similar mountain range seen from Panjandrum City. (The Pirates of Panjandrum)

Twin Peaks: A pair of scenic peaks in the Twin Mountains on Panjandrum. (The Pirates of Panjandrum)

Twin Suns: The double star, Damascus A and B, around which Panjandrum orbits. (The Pirates of Panjandrum)

Type IV Beta supernova remnant: The remains of a type of supernova unknown in the twentieth or twenty-first century. The remnant flashes the green, 521.8 nanometer, spectral line of copper every 14 years. (Do-Si-Do)


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