Geography and Astrography S - T

Stars, planets, satellites and places on them:

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San Francisco Bay: The city formed by the merger of the other cities around the geographic San Francisco Bay. (Red Sky in Mourning)

San Fulvio: A city in the Italy prefecture of Panjandrum near the Verucchio olive groves

Serena: The larger of Adondus' two satellites (The Ring, Monkey Trap)

Skull Rock: A basaltic rock formation on the beach in Papanoo which, from the seaward side, resembles a skull. Locals sometimes use it as a picnic site or for assignations. (Blood Stone)

Starbase Prime: The main site of Taupoian interstellar trade. The destination of the Marcopo when they discovered "Nemesis." (Rogue Planet)

Svajone (dream): Habitable satellite of the gas giant planet Millicent the Magnificent. Colonized by the skinks. (Someday My Prints Will Come)

Syringo: Planet of a star much brighter than Earth's sun. Home planet of Baroo. (Ghost Writer in the Sky)

Taupoi: Planet with three major continents, all mostly in the northern hemisphere. Taupoi has several satellites. One orbits close enough to pass between the sun and planet, producing a noticeable eclipse daily. (The Meeks Shall Inherit) It is the home planet of Belle the Cat. (The Duck and Doughnut)

Tautira: Tahitian city on the beach southeast of Papeete. (Blood Stone)

Tec'Loren: A major city of Syringo about fifty miles from Roo'eft. (The Butler Did It)

Triko Star System: A binary star system made up of Triko A, a sun-like star, and Triko B, the remnant of a Type IV Beta supernova. Triko A has one planet, a gas giant, Millicent the Magnificent, which has a habitable satellite, Svajone. (Someday My Prints Will Come)

Twin Mountains: A pair of similar mountain range seen from Panjandrum City. (The Pirates of Panjandrum)

Twin Peaks: A pair of scenic peaks in the Twin Mountains on Panjandrum. (The Pirates of Panjandrum)

Twin Suns: The double star, Damascus A and B, around which Panjandrum orbits. (The Pirates of Panjandrum)

Type IV Beta supernova remnant: The remains of a type of supernova unknown in the twentieth or twenty-first century. The remnant flashes the green, 521.8 nanometer, spectral line of copper every 14 years. (Do-Si-Do)


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