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Marcopo/Marco Pollo: For information about how the Marcopo became the Marco Pollo, see Marco Pollo/Marki in the Characters pages. The ship was the Falcon-class starship of Eustan Chi'Kilts and Liz Embwallah when the rogue planet, "Nemesis," was discovered. (Rogue Planet) It was a magenta disk until the time it was inherited by Tom Clancy, who had it painted yellow. (The Phoenix) The Turquoise Band was transported from Syringo to Panjandrum on the Marcopo. (Teasing the Geese)

To see the Marco Pollo's approximately 19 x 31-foot crew space, click here.

The ship was originally designed for a crew of two. Walls in the crew space are fixed, as opposed to being holowalls (which were used if additional crew quarters or other facilities were needed.) The quilt on the bed in Crew Quarters 1 (Tom's Cabin) was created by Janet Ryan.

Marmara fleet: The Taupoian fleet of starships that discovered Earth in 1482 BCE. (Rogue Planet)

Medlaroo: The Syringee starship which brought Aiton and Feynman to Panjandrum. (The Duck and Doughnut)

Newton: The refitted starship commanded by "Big" Mike Patton. The starship was attacked by pirates on the way to New Eire and had to make a forced landing on the planet New Home. (Raptors of the Depths)

One, Home Guard: The command ship of the Home Guard. (Golden Needles)

Purple Spider: A small starship used by a crew of 4 to search for habitable planets. (Explorers)

Queen Rasa: The Kindred ship which came to aid Pierre and his friends on Patience. (Blue Suede Shoes)

Roam Sou: Taupoian starship. (Rogue Planet)

Ruche: The Corsair starship that fired on the White Owl. A dark blue disk with a silver hub. (Green Jacket Red Cap)


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