Spacecraft A - F

This section gives brief descriptions of the spacecraft named in my short stories or novels.

Starships gradually adjust their internal day/night cycles to match that of their destination. (Superb Owl Sunday)

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Bendicht: The starship that Tom Clancy and Juan Del Rio met at Karten III in order to obtain "Bidido's" tartian egg.

Black Fleet: The fleet of the rebel Saurians. (Golden Needles)

Corsair: Small starships of Falcon-class but more maneuverable, more heavily armed, and more heavily shielded. Often used by pirates. (Green Jacket Red Cap)

Corvair: Small spacecraft built for interplanetary travel in the Mentecian system. (Do-Si-Do)

Dragonlady: The Havoc Class Destroyer starship that Bidido brought to Karten III to kill or capture Juan Del Rio. (Monkey Trap)

Eight, Home Guard: The space ship of the Saurian defense fleet that crash-landed on New Home. (Golden Needles)

Eleven, Home Guard: The first ship of the Saurian defense fleet to burn up in the atmosphere of New Home. (Golden Needles)

Falcon-class: Small, disk-shaped starships often used to haul freight. They can have a crew of as few as one or two. (Teasing the Geese)

Havoc Class Destroyer: Small, highly maneuverable starship designed to attack and destroy other starships. (Monkey Trap)


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