Spacecraft G - L

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Galaxy: Starship that picks up Feynman and Carmichael's Hitchhiker. (The Galaxy's Guide to the Hitchhiker)

Hitchhiker: A type of starship about the size of an escape pod on larger starships. They have all the functionality but not the range of a starship. The living space is approximately 8 x 8 feet, and includes the navigation console and berths. They normally carry only one or two passengers and they do not carry sufficient fuel for most star-to-star travel. Hitchhikers are carried from point to point by large starships who happen to pass by the vicinity where the Hitchhiker is located and who are going in the direction that the Hitchhiker wants. (Jake and the Frat Man)

Home Guard: The fleet of twenty-four space ships sent from Home to encounter the Black Fleet. The ships were stripped-down starships and could do little more than go up to meet the Black Fleet. (Golden Needles)


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