Characters C - D

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Some names are followed by a translation of the name.

Carmen: Red Sky in Mourning’s Taupoian liaison at his office. Raven black hair and light mahogany skin. (Red Sky in Mourning)

Carmichael, Jake: Short male human. Bald. First Mate of the starship White Owl. (Someday My Prints Will Come and Green Jacket Red Cap) Native of Australia. He is plotting a coup and wants to become King of Waxon. (Jake and the Frat Man)

Carson: Pierre Bordeaux's skinqui friend who makes arrangements for a starship for Pierre, Baroo, and Juozas. (Split Personality) Carson wears a holographic quantum dot suit so that she can appear as a male human. Origin of the name: I'd just watched a Lone Ranger episode and I recognized one of the characters - Don Diamond - who also played "El Toro" in the old Kit Carson TV series. So I had "Carson" on the brain.

Casey: Waxonian. Juvenile female silver-blue skink. One of the six Guardians of the Sanctuary of Ramunus. She wants to be a neurosurgeon (anyone remember Ben Casey?,) but is now the group's medic. (Down the Rushy Glen)

Cash, Sheila/Cinnabara: Human. Sinéad Clancy’s sister and best friend of Rali/RyLee. She was Marcus’s Tutor when he was sent to the Intelligence Academy in Papeete (Blood Stone), became his lover, and gave birth to Tahiti after taking up with Juan del Rio. She brings the infant to Adondus to stay with Tahiti’s father and his new wife, RyLee. She is also a secret agent, and after the explosion which transforms Juan del Rio into a real space pirate, she returns to Adondus, taking the drug which gives her the blue skin of the Adondi, and becomes Cinnabara.

Chi'Kilts, Eustan: Taupoian. Captain of the Taupoian starship Marcopo Eustanat the time of the discovery of the rogue planet "Nemesis". Tenor voice, slow drawl. Blue skin and fur. Her family came from along the western coast of Taupoi's larger continent. (Rogue Planet)

Chool: Syringee. The owner and operator of Chool Safaris in Roo'eft. (Scary Sheri Safari)

Cinnabara: see Cash, Sheila/Cinnabara

Clancy, "Bad" Billy: Human. Tom Clancy’s
father. War hero. Star fighter pilot.

Clancy, DC: Human. Tom’s little brother. DC stands for Douglas Cash. Douglas is his maternal grandfather’s name. Cash is his mother’s maiden name. His father, when home, tended to call him Dougie, a nickname which his mother did not like. So, since his father, Billy, was away most of the time, she abbreviated the name to DC, a name which even Billy took a liking to.

Clancy, Sinéad Cash: Human. Tom’s mother

Clancy, Tom: Human. Born 2764. Tom was named for his paternal Tom Clancygrandfather, a man who disliked his first name and always used his middle name, Charles.

Claudius, Mario: Human. Founder of Claudius Electronics.

Corrin: Saurian. Female. Rough. White, or at least a very light gray. Captain of the space ship Eight which crashed on New Home (Golden Needles) and who, eventually, befriends the crew and passengers of Carolyn Patton’s ship. (Raptors of the Depths)

Crockett, Davy: Human. A man recreated by a
device of Juan del Rio which combined the "soul" of the original Davy Crockett with the remains of a Hollywood actor known for his portrayal of Davy Crockett. Initially Crockett was to be hired by Bidido (Mr. Congressman) but eventually became an agent of SECRIT. (Monkey Trap)

Dalia (fate, luck): Goddess in Waxonian mythology. She had four legs and two arms (like a centaur) plus a pair of wings. Over the centuries, her description has been modified to be more bird-like than centaur-like, ultimately being seen as a large white bird. Credited with bringing fire and tools, among other things, to Waxon. She also hid the Treasures of Ramunus among the stars after his death. (Don't Cross the Ls in Tortilla)

Darius, King (to possess good): Waxonian. Son of Princess Monika and Lord Petras. Became king after the death of Leonas III.

del Rio, Juan: Human. The man on Panjandrum that the plastidroid Juan delJuan del Rio Rio (see next entry) modeled itself on. He is Head of Security of the company which broadcasts "Clockwork Carrot." (A Conversation with Gina Verucchio)

del Rio, Juan/David/Plastidroid X4459 ("Ecks"): Plastidroid. Claudius Electronics' Plastidroid X4459 was stolen by a Mexican mercenary (6 June 2403). He was eventually retired and left in the form of a small statue of Michelangelo's "David" (The Pirates of Panjandrum). The statue was eventually sold at auction to Pierre Bordeaux (The Tartian Egg). He was resold to Sheila Cash who used him in his "Juan del Rio" form to swindle the Adondi gangster Bidido (The Pirates of Panjandrum). As Juan del Rio, he "married" Sheila and became Tom Clancy’s "uncle". When he is damaged in an explosion,Plastidroid X4459 his ability to morph is crippled and he does not know that he is not human. He becomes a famous space pirate. Because many people romanticize pirates and because the "Juan del Rio" persona is a ladies’ man, he has "girls in every port," many of whom claim that he is the father of their illegitimate children (much like Merlin’s mother claimed that he was the son of a demon.) Others are eager to see if he lives up to his reputation.

Derf/DerfRitt: Fohen. Male. Derf grew up in The Seaward Valley. He was the leader of a gang of youths, a "pack" known as The Rapids. Because of his superior hearing he was selected to become a member of The River of Horologists and eventually spent a year as the society's Timekeeper. For in image, click here.(The Porcelain Hourglass)

The name, "Derf," was the injured Johnny 5's misspeaking of Fred Ritter's name in the movie "Short Circuit 2"

Doc: Human. Head of Medical Services on the starship Newton. Tall, with silver hair. (Raptors of the Depths)

Dominique, Dr.: Pierre Bordeaux's physician in Panjandrum City. (The Duck and Doughnut)

Dontay: Raptor. Male. Pilot of Home Guard Seventeen (Golden Needles)

Dora/DoraBota: Fohen. Female. Peti's sister. Their father moved his family to "The Seaward Valley" when she was a child.

Her name came from a WordWeb Random Word: "car boot sale" > Anagram: "escolar bot a" > Bota. Dora just popped into my head. "Escolar" is a type of mackerel.

Dubois, Paul: Human. Male. He is an official in the Panjandrum City Office of Public Works. He was involved in Pierre Bordeaux's purchase of the building that became Bordeaux Antiquities. (Slush)

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