Spacecraft S - Z

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Seventeen, Home Guard: The second ship of the Saurian defense fleet to burn up in the atmosphere of New Home. (Golden Needles)

Shuttle 54: Research vessel from a Gerf starship. Constructed to appear like a whelk (Busycon sp.) Crew of 9. Range through the atmosphere is about 20 meters. (Shuttle 54, Where R U?)

Sophomoric: Taupoian starship which took Milda, Pierre and Baroo to Waxon. (Three Enchilada Dinners To Go)

Sunrise: Taupoian starship engaged in their taupiforming project. It was scuttled upon its return to Taupoi by those involved in the attempted coup. The Sunrise was the mothership of the shuttle Marcopo.

Tawny: Taupoian starship. (Rogue Planet)

Toldon Bose: Mentecian Corvair spacecraft which was refitted with enhanced warp and subspace capabilities and enhanced shields and weaponry to convert it into a starship. In Mentecian, the name means "Pale Lady." The ship was purchased by Pierre Bordeaux on Waxon. (Do-Si-Do) The name is an anagram of the random word "bloodstone."

White Owl: Starship dedicated to supernova research. Because they travel a lot, they earn some money by carrying passengers and freight. (Green Jacket Red Cap) Actually a ship of The Kindred from Svajone and called the White Owl as code for Dalia who is seen as a large white bird today. Income from the White Owl is used to fund the activities of The Kindred on Svajone.


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