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Any life form with a name, sentient or not, is a "Character." Some names are followed by a translation of the name.

Adondus: Saurian. Adondus was a green and brown mottled Slick. He died Adondushelping Queen Amura and her people to defeat the Rough Saurians who held Amura's husband and others as captive slaves. He was a carpenter and mason and designed the castle where the battle took place. In his memory, Queen Amura declared that their land (and eventually, the planet) be named Adondus and her people would be called "Adondi."

Aiton, Alain: Human. Portrayed a Panjandrum City policeman in order to find Princess Milda. Pretended to be French. Gave his occupation as "Banker" when he arrived on Panjandrum. (The Duck and Doughnut) With the help of Gabriel Feynman, he kidnapped Milda and took her to Svajone to find the Robe of Ramunus.

Amadori,Giorgio: Human. The man who attempted to assassinate Gina Verucchio on the "Clockwork Carrot" program. He had been employed by Claudius Electronics until it was discovered that he was falsifying data and taking prototypes home to sell to the company's competitors.(A Conversation with Gina Verucchio) His first name just popped into my head while I was writing the story. I found the family name that I liked in a list of Italian surnames on the Internet when I needed it for this page.

Ana: Adondi female. Midshipman Engineer friend of Bidido from the Pegasus Express starship picking up emigrant Terrans. She has curly, blue-black hair worn in a boy cut style. She tends to engage in a variety of illicit activities while on shore leave.

Anderson, Liv: Human, female. Pilot of the planet hunter starship "Purple Spider" (Exlorers)

Aquillo: see Marcus/Aquillo

Aras, Prince (eagle): Waxonian. Eldest son of Ramunus

Arnie: First Officer of the starship Newton (Raptors of the Depths)

Arnpepper, Buddy: Human, male. Planetary Scientist of the planet hunter starship "Purple Spider" (Explorers)

Audras (storm): Waxonian. Evil brother and successor of King Ramunus. (Don't Cross the Ls in Tortilla)

Ausra, Lady (dawn): Waxonian. Milda's mother. (The Butler Did It)

Azuolus, Lord (oak): Waxonian. Milda's father and hereditary King of Waxon. He worked at a local bank until the economic downturn on Waxon. (The Butler Did It)

Barnes, Yoder: Human. Investigating Attorney for Stoney Fosdick. (April Showers) I just made up the name because I needed one while writing the story and creating this entry.

Baroo: Syringee. Friend of Tom Clancy (Ghost Writer in the Sky) Barooand of Pierre Bordeaux. (The Duck and Doughnut) He is also a captain of a fishing boat and the constable of his home village. (Ghost Writer in the Sky) He has a deep voice. (In the Hole of the Mountain King) The name, Baroo, was the name of an Irish Setter owned by a fellow participant, Jeff, in the NASA Biospace Technology Training Program held at Wallops Station in 1968.

Belle (the Cat): Taupoian who sets fire to The Duck and Doughnut. (The Duck and Doughnut) Former singer for Gareth Gareth. (The Butler Did It)

Berkyl: Descendant of the terrestrial crows brought to Patience. Berkyl is black and telepathic. He is Captain of the Guards of the Guardians of Ramunus on Patience. (Grimace)

Bessie: Computer of the starship White Owl. (Green Jacket Red Cap)

BeTor’r: A young Adondi boy from The Crossroads. (The Ring)

Betti: Taupoian. The secretary of Thatchia, Dean of Cultural Integration, of The Great Writer's Astronautics Academy. (A Christmas to Remember)

Bidido: Adondi gangster that owned the starship Marcopo and a castleBidido  in Panjandrum City called Caryton Gray. Bidido is a muscular man with green hair and moustache. He sometimes twirls one end or the other of the moustache. He dresses in expensive clothes and sometimes wears a ring vocophone. (Teasing the Geese, The Tartian Egg and The Pirates of Panjandrum) Bidido can see only with his left eye and wears a black patch over his blind right eye. (A Dish Best Served Cold) Bidido lost his eye in 2758 when attacked by Bradley Warren, who thought Bidido was molesting his daughter (Thixotropic). My wife, Janet, says that a car with only one headlight was called a "bidido" in Connecticut. I haven't been able to find this term online. In a July 2015 search, I did find the term "padiddle" which has the same meaning and which Janet may have misremembered or a friend who described the term to her may have been misspoke. I do not plan on "correcting" Bidido's name in the light of this new information.

Bill: Terrestrial crow. A normal black crow living in El Dorado, AR. He is the mate of Grace. Bill lost his left foot many years ago after nearly being caught in a box trap. (The Last Acorn)

Birzai, Adomas: Waxonian musician that Pierre Bordeaux impersonated when he and Baroo were stopped at the roadblock at the edge of Ramunus City. (Split Personality)

Bligh, Carl: Human biology graduate student (herpetology) at the University of Miami. About six-six, hair black and thick. He had a unibrow over his intense, nearly black eyes and one of those President Nixon five o'clock shadows at any hour of the day or night. Well built. Perhaps because he was a marine biology grad student, he definitely did not think it was funny for you to call him "Captain" Bligh. His undergraduate degree had been in herpetology, so now he was specializing in sea snakes. His one endearing characteristic was his uncanny ability to identify the brand of a potato chip from a single bite. His father owned several coal mines. (Shuttle 54, Where R U?)

Bodophus: Pseudonym used by Bidido in Papeete (Bloodstone)

Bordeaux, Andre: Waxonian male. Brother of Pierre (The Tartian Egg and The Centaurian Bud Vase)

Bordeaux, Daiva (Destiny): Waxonian female. (Skink) Pierre Bordeaux’s lover and wife, and mother of Jenny Rebecca Bordeaux. Daiva was one of the members of the rescue party in in The San Xavier Mission and was apparently lost in an avalanche. She was, unknown to Pierre, captured by some Mentecians, converted into a drugged slave, and sold to Bidido. Pierre rescued her at the end of The Centaurian Bud Vase and they are married 3 years later in 2768. Jenny Rebecca hatches the following year.

Bordeaux, Jenny Rebecca: Waxonian Female. (Skink). Daughter of Pierre and Daiva Bordeaux. She hatches the year following her parents’ marriage. Her name comes from the Barbra Streisand song of the same name released in 1965.

Bordeaux, Pierre: Waxonian male (Skink) He hatched in the plantations Pierre Bordeauxregion of France prefect on the planet Panjandrum. Like most skinks, he has silver scales and a blue tipped tail. At 38 inches, he is a little tall for a skink. (The Centaurian Bud Vase)

His parents were immigrants to the planet,
originally to be servants to the French immigrants (The Tartian Egg), and eventually they owned a farm near the France prefecture city of Bordeaux, from where they took their family name (Someday My Prints Will Come). He has brothers, one of whom is Andre, but no sisters. (The Tartian Egg)

He is an excellent shot with a rifle and pistol (although he refuses to carry either) and played a lot of computer games as a child. (Someday My Prints Will Come)

His favorite beverage is the soft drink,Grapette. (The Duck and Doughnut)

He sleeps in the nude in homage to the skink myth that says if he does, he will
one day wake up with a skinqui beside him. (The Centaurian Bud Vase)

After the death of his father, he left the farm to become a Soldier of Fortune - but only hired out to causes where he could right wrongs. At some point he met and learned gourmet cooking from Eustan Chi'Kilts.

In 2760, at the age of 46, although he was awarded "Paladin of the Year" by the Mentecians for a case (The San Xavier Mission) in which his actions saved so many other lives (Split Personality), he retired to run an antique shop, "Bordeaux Antiquities," in Panjandrum City (The Tartian Egg, The Pirates of Panjandrum, The Centaurian Bud Vase) because he could not prevent the apparent death of his lover, Daiva.

In 2764, at the age of 50, he buys a Tartian Egg and a "statue of David" at an estate sale on Earth. He sells the Tartian Egg to the gangster, Bidido, for enough money that he does not have to worry about finances. (The Tartian Egg)

At the age of 51, he helps to recover the Treasures of Ramunus and discovers that Daiva is still alive. (The Centaurian Bud Vase novel). Three years later (2768), he and Daiva are married.

The following year, Sheila Clancy purchases David (the plastidroid X4459/Juan del Rio) from Pierre in order to con Bidido. (The Pirates of Panjandrum) The same year, Pierre's daughter, Jenny Rebecca, is hatched.

In 2788, at the age of 74, he joins the crew of the Marco Pollo in their quest to repair the tear in space-time. (Jelly Roll)

3D Model of Pierre (below): Use your mouse to rotate the model up/down or left/right in Firefox or some other modern browser. It may not work with Internet Explorer version 10 or earlier.

Bourges, Ambassador: Human, French Ambassador to Adondus. Father of Anouk. The name came from a city in France. (Bloodstone)

Bourges, Anouk: Human, daughter of the French Ambassador to Adondus. Marcus took her on a picnic in "Bloodstone." The first name came from Anouk Aimee, who starred in the movie "A Man and a Woman." The last name came from a city in France.

Brody Family: Human. Sam (father), June (mother), Sammy (son), Victor (grandfather). Family that Bidido helps with a motel room and meals when they must wait an extra three weeks for a berth on a Pegasus Express starship (Thixotropic).

Bunyon: Name given by the Guardians of Ramunus of Airy Mountain to an elk-like animal, an irkin. The animal is eight feet tall at the shoulders, has a pair of antlers six feet across with ten or so spikes each. He has golden fur. His call is a trumpet-like sound. To see Bunyon in a scene from Chapter 10, The Blue Bird of Harpiness, of my novel, The Centaurian Bud Vase, click here.

Bussey, Bruce: Human, male. Copilot of the planet hunter starship "Purple Spider" (Explorers)


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