Geography and Astrography Q - R

Stars, planets, satellites and places on them:

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Ramunus City: The capital of Waxon and site of the planet's largest spaceport.

Reslams River: Major river draining the West Rorrstip Plateau of Waxon. It plunges over the West Rorrstip Rim some 100 meters into the lowlands at the site of the Fort of Ewanuick. (Three Enchilada Dinners To Go)

River of Tears: The river which separates the Kingdom of The Northlands and the Kingdom of Belmonte. (The Winds of Spring)

Riverside: The Crunk town located along a river where Nailbiter goes to meet Olivia. For an image, click here. (Pushing the Envelope)

Rochelle: The city of Rochelle is one of the greatest tourist spots in the French Prefecture of the planet Panjandrum.

Rochelle Beach: Rochelle Beach, a part of the city of Rochelle, is famous for its lavender sand and is the home of the small but famous Tiki Bar, the Lavender Lighthouse, and the French replica of the Patagonia “Lighthouse at the End of the World” relocated from the Atlantic coast of France off La Rochelle on Old Earth. For an image, click here. (The Lighthouse at the End of the

Roma: Capital of Italy prefecture on Panjandrum.

Roo'eft: Baroo's home town on Syringo. A fishing village and the location of one of Syringo's spaceports. (Ghost Writer in the Sky, The Butler Did It)


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