Geography and Astrography U - V

Stars, planets, satellites and places on them:

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Umbo Job Mum (City): The ancient and abandoned capital of the nation of Umbo Job Mum. It is the location of a fabulous clock tower. Click here for an image of the clock tower during restortion. (Umbo Job Mum)

The name is derived from the WordWeb Pro Random Word, "mumbo jumbo" and an Anagram "umbo job mum".

Umbo Job Mum (Nation): Umbo Job Mum is considered to be the oldest nation on the planet Mum; the place from where Mumian civilization originated and spread. Civilization advanced to a point comparable to 14th century Europe, after which it went into a sharp decline from which it has slowly been recovering during the past 500 years. The clock tower was built just before the decline.

Vilnius: City southeast of Ramunus City that Pierre Bordeaux claimed he and Baroo were returning to. (Split Personality)


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