Geography and Astrography M - N

Stars, planets, satellites and places on them:

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Mentec: Home of the Mentecians. (Split Personality) Mentec is an Earth-like planet that orbits a sun-like star. It has a single continent which occupies about ten percent of the planet in the northern hemisphere.

Millicent the Magnificent: Single gas giant planet of Triko A.

Mount Vienas: The peak nearest to the ancient city of the Mountain Kings. "Vienas" is Lithuanian for "one," so the name may have been shortened from something referring to the Mountain King - the One King. (One Potato, Two Potato)

Nation of the Pacific, The: Nation comprised of polynesian islands in the Pacific Ocean on Earth. The official language is French. (Blood Stone and Red Sky in Mourning)

Nemesis: The name given to the dead planet, Home, after discovering it on a collision course with Earth. (Rogue Planet)

New Eire: The planet where the Clancy and Patton families were moving to when they left Earth.

New France: Prefecture on Panjandrum settled by the French. Capital city is Panjandrum City.

New Home: The single planet of a sun-like star where Captain Corrin and her crew arrived from subspace (Raptors of the Depths).

New Monaco: Prefecture on Panjandrum settled by the people of Monaco.

Northlands, The Kingdom of The: The kingdom north of the River of Tears, where the space port is located on Adondus (The Winds of Spring).


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