Geography and Astrography M - N

Stars, planets, satellites and places on them:

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Mentec: Home of the Mentecians. (Split Personality) Mentec is an Earth-like planet that orbits a sun-like star. It has a single continent which occupies about ten percent of the planet in the northern hemisphere.

Millicent the Magnificent: Single gas giant planet of Triko A.

Mount Vienas: The peak nearest to the ancient city of the Mountain Kings. "Vienas" is Lithuanian for "one," so the name may have been shortened from something referring to the Mountain King - the One King. (One Potato, Two Potato)

Mum: Mum is a planet similar in size and characteristics to Earth. Its solar system is located in a dust bubble, so that it was not discovered as early as many other SEC planets. Mum's solar system consists of a Sol-like star, a super Jupiter planet which circles the star closely, Mum in the "Goldilocks Zone," and 4 much more distant Jupiter-Saturn-sized planets. These outer planets have an assortment of rings and small satellites. Mum has no satellites which is one reason that the Mumians showed no interest in space travel. The other reason is related to the hive mind phenomenon - What would happen to the intellect of individuals who left the planet?

Nation of the Pacific, The: Nation comprised of Polynesian islands in the Pacific Ocean on Earth. The official language is French. (Blood Stone and Red Sky in Mourning)

Nemesis: The name given to the dead planet, Home, after discovering it on a collision course with Earth. (Rogue Planet)

New Eire: The planet where the Clancy and Patton families were moving to when they left Earth.

New France: Prefecture on Panjandrum settled by the French. Capital city is Panjandrum City.

New Home: The single planet of a sun-like star where Captain Corrin and her crew arrived from subspace (Raptors of the Depths).

New Monaco: Prefecture on Panjandrum settled by the people of Monaco.

Northlands, The Kingdom of The: The kingdom north of the River of Tears, where the space port is located on Adondus (The Winds of Spring).


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