Geography and Astrography C - D

Stars, planets, satellites and places on them:

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California (superstate): Hispanic states--California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Arkansas coalesced to form the superstate of California. (Red Sky in Mourning)

Carrthussia: The planet where the city of Inngear Sirronn is located. (Appril Showers) The planet has unpredictable weather patterns because of the planet's 4 satellites and rainmakers do a good business. The name was derived by taking a WordWeb Random Word: "Zannichellia palustris" and using the Anagram function to find: "Carthusian Allen lis zip" from which I selected Carrthusia. This was then modified to conform to the Carrthussian naming convention.

Caryton Gray: The castle in Panjandrum City which is the home of Bidido when in residence on Panjandrum and the place where he keeps his various collections.

Chi'Macao: A small river-town on Syringo up-country from Roo'eft. (Indigo Blue) The name is from a portion of an anagram ("schoolmistress macao chi") of the random word "classic hemochromatosis."

City of a Thousand Lights, The: Nickname for the city of Inngear Sirronn on the planet Carrthussia.

City of Hope, The: The capital of the Kingdom of The Northlands and site of the space port on Adondus (The Winds of Spring).

Crossroads, The: The village in the Kingdom of Belmonte where Tahiti, RyLee, and Marcus/Aquillo live (The Ring, The Winds of Spring). A main North/South and East/West road cross at the roundabout enclosing the village green. Other village streets radiate from the roundabout.

Crunk: The planet where my "Pushing the Envelope" story takes place. It is an Earth-like planet which circles a Sol-type star. It has no satellite, which is one of the reasons that the Crunk people had no interest in exploring other worlds.

Daily Glare: The skies on Fohia are perpetually cloudy, hiding their sun. All that can be seen during daytime is a "Daily Glare."

Deep Tar: The Fohen prefecture where the horological society to which Derf has been reassigned is located.

Word Web Random Word: "predate" > Anagram: "Deep Tar"


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