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Some names are followed by a translation of the name.

Rainnor: Crunk. Female. Mail carrier in Nailbiter's community. (Pushing the Envelope)

Rali Etini: see Rylee (below)

Ramunus, King (calm): Waxonian. King of the Skinks one thousand years ago. Known as "The Mountain King." He united the kingdoms of Waxon. (Don't Cross the Ls in Tortilla)

Rasa, Queen (dew): Waxonian. Mother of Ramunus and Audras.

Red Sky in Mourning: Human. Friends call him "Sky." Given name is Gonzales Gonzales. Governor of the California superstate. Member of the Tohono O'odham (Papago) tribe of Native Americans. Black hair. Stocky and well-muscled. Normally speaks in the deep, radio-voice that he has learned to use. In the military, Colonel Red Sky in Mourning had overseen the escape of the United Nations to Papeete, the capital of The Nation of the Pacific. After the anarchy following the last American presidential election, when the Hispanic states--California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Arkansas--coalesced into the superstate of California, he became first the mayor of San Francisco Bay. Later he became the governor. (Red Sky in Mourning)

Ret, Detective Sergeant Cass Isu Ret: Mumian Female. Police. In command of the Mobile Environmental Exploration Lab (MEEL).

WordWeb Pro Random Word = "scar tissue" > Anagram = "cassius ret" > changed to "Cass Ius Ret" then to "Cass Isu Ret"

Rob: Waxonian. Juvenile male silver-blue skink. One of the six Guardians of the Sanctuary of Ramunus. (Down the Rushy Glen)

Rocyoo: Syringee. Drug dealer and former pirate captured by Baroo and Tom. (Indigo Blue) The name is a modification of the portion of an anagram ("tune roc yo") of the random word "troy ounce."

Roger: Human. Head of Security on the starship Newton (Raptors of the Depths)

Romone: Human. A "business associate" of Pierre Bordeaux's. (The Duck and Doughnut)

Rondelo: Zetian who had been hired to become the Security Ace on the White Owl. (Someday My Prints Will Come)

RyLee/Rali Etini: Human. The (secretly) adoptive mother of Tahiti. She is a human (from Tahiti) who marries Marcus and becomes a secret agent, taking a drug which gives her the blue skin of the Adondi. Her cover is as the mistress of an inn in The Crossroads. RyLee's Tahitian name was Rali Etini. Tahitian has no L-sound, but it was introduced by the Irish (as in the girl's name, Raleigh) RyLee is an adondi-ized version of her name. Etini is a Tahitian word meaning "white flowers on the path."

Silverblood, Mardi: Human. The only human among the sixty-four membersMardi Silverblood of the Royal Historical Consistory in the City of Hope, The Northlands, on Adondus. Her mother had remained on the doomed Earth and her father perished in The Royal Prison of The Northlands. She grew up on the streets of The City of Hope, stealing scraps of food to survive until she was old enough to sell her skills in the martial arts to the highest bidder. She was slim, five-foot two-inches tall, with dark blonde hair.

"Mary Sue" was Mardi's original name, but while visiting Clint and Clarissa in July 2014, Clarissa pointed out that "Mary Sue" carries a lot of negative baggage in fan fiction. A detailed explanation for this foolishness can be found in a Wikipedia article on "Mary Sue." To avoid this potential problem, I came up with a list of other potential names. On our way home, Janet saw a sign somewhere in California with what she thought was the name of a city, Mardi. Since getting home I've been unable to find any such place, anywhere. However, we both liked the name and I decided to use it.

Sofija, Queen: Waxonian. Wife of Ramunus, mother of Prince Aras

Sou, Detective Inspector Rack Ren: Mumian. Male. Police. Brilliant detective, although he is a bit full of himself.

WordWeb Pro Random Word = "spark counter" > Anagram = "Rack Rent Soup" > changed to "Rack Ren Sou"

Sparkie: Waxonian. Juvenile female silver-blue skink. One of the six Guardians of the Sanctuary of Ramunus. (Down the Rushy Glen)

Spider: The name of the AI of the planet hunter starship "Purple Spider." (Explorers)

Spud: Waxonian. Juvenile male silver-blue skink. One of the six Guardians of the Sanctuary of Ramunus. (Down the Rushy Glen)

Steponas III, King (Steven): Waxonian. Father of Ramunus

Suzi: A blonde Taupoian and the marimba player of The Turquoise Band. Her parents are diplomats stationed on Waxon. (Teasing the Geese)

Syree, Prince: Saurian. Male. Dark blue. Slick. Nephew of King Nella. Pilot of spaceship Eight (Golden Needles) who becomes the husband of Corrin. (Raptors of the Depths)

Tahiti: Adondi/Human hybrid. Born 2770. The "daughter" of RyLee and Marcus.Tahiti She is actually the daughter of Sheila Cash/Cinnabara and Marcus. So she is Tom’s cousin.

Tararo, Dr.: Adondi who works at Caryton Gray. (The Tartian Egg)

Tarmy: A young Adondi boy from The Crossroads. (The Ring)

Tee, Detective Lieutenant Matt Nun: Mumian. Male. Police. Detective Inspector Sou's commanding officer.

WordWeb Pro Random Word = "attunement" > Anagram = "matt nun tee"

Thatchia: Taupoian. Dean of Cultural Integration at The Great Writer's Astronautics Academy (A Memorable Christmas) WordWeb Pro Random Word = "catch sight" > Anagram = "thatch cigs" > arbitrary decision = "Thatchia"

Tobias, The Rev: Mentecian. The previous owner of the Corvair starship Toldon Bose, which was purchased by Pierre Bordeaux on Waxon. Tobias had been involved in the sex-slave trade ("flesh trade") and was imprisoned on Zeta 4. (Do-Si-Do)

Tomblato, Captain: Marcus' commanding officer in "Bloodstone." The name comes from the random word, flat-bottom, and a portion of an anagram made from it (tomb lat oft)

Trittcha/Fido: Black Sapsucker. A native of the planet Zeta 4 of the Trittchaspecies Saccharivora hamadryada who is driven from her Flock because she is a hybrid. She takes up with Tom Clancy while he is on Zeta 4 when her psychic abilities begin to transform her simple intelligence into something greater (A Last Farewell, A Many-Splendored Thing). See The Black Sap Suckers, Family Dryadae for more information about their biology and psychic abilities. "Fido" is the name that Tom gives to his new "pet" before eventually learning the truth about Trittcha (The Voyage of the Bagel).

3D Model of Trittcha (below): Use your mouse to rotate the model up/down or left/right in Firefox or some other modern browser. It may not work with Internet Explorer version 10 or earlier.

Tritcha by reapermediasr on Sketchfab

Troyes, Jean Paul: Adondi, male. A wealthy Adondi business man, supposedly the father of the fictitious Marcel Troyes. (Bloodstone)

Troyes, Marcel: The pseudonym used by Marcus when he cons Bidido. (Bloodstone)


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