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Some names are followed by a translation of the name.

O'Chett, Apprill: Carrthussian female. Resident of Inngear Sirronn, on Carrthussia. She is within a few months of her third molt, with shoulder-length blonde "hair." She hired Rory Molle to produce a cloudburst on her wedding day. (Apprill Showers) Her first name was a result of a prompt for our April 2013 South Arkansas Writers meeting: write a story that involves rain. "O'Chet" was just a name in my Names and Ideas file, modified to "O'Chett" to conform with the Carthusian name-spelling convention.

O'Chett, Frannki: Carrthussian female. Apprill O'Chett's mother. Owner of Frannki's Bar and Gruel (Apprill Showers)

Olivia: Taupoian. She has yellow fur. She has come to Crunk to buy up artifacts at a "low" price (although the price may seem large to a Crunk) and sell them off-planet for much more. (Pushing the Envelope)

Ondomo: Zetian. Tom Clancy's friend.

Ondomo on Syringo"Ghost Writer in the Sky" is a chapter from my novel, Silver Threads. It takes place in the seaside town of Roo'eft on the planet Syringo. In this chapter, Tom is trying to find his childhood sweetheart, Carolyn, while he and his friends, Baroo and Ondomo, attempt to put the sting on an interstellar pirate.

Ondomo, a native of the planet Zeta 4, works for Security at the nearby spaceport. His role in the sting is to make sure that the pirate captain is arrested before he can leave Syringo.

The picture at the left is of Ondomo in his Security uniform after he has returned to the hotel room that he shares with Tom.

Ondomo returns to his hometown, Poco a Culm, on the planet Zeta 4 to become the town's constable. He convinces Tom to leave Syringo for a job with Dendrology Research as an undercover agent, supplying intelligence to the native police and security forces.

OndomoIn "A Many-Splendored Thing," another chapter from my novel Silver Threads, Tom learns that he has inherited a starship, located on the planet Adondus, from his Uncle Juan. To earn enough money for passage to Adondus, he goes into town to try his luck at poker. He ends up helping Ondomo find the murderer of Tom's main undercover contact, Mother Andrea.

The picture at the right is of Ondomo in his Constable's uniform at the carnival accompanying Dendrology Research's "Tree Ring Circus."

Oscar: Human. Florida Highway Patrolman. (Alien Abduction)

O’Roerk: Human. Chubby passenger on the starship Newton (Raptors of the Depths)

Parker: Adondi. Operative of the SECRIT agency of the SEC. He worked with Mardi Silverblood and Estimus in Plan Group 1367, which was tasked with the capture of Bidido. In his daily life he was a history professor. He was usually seen with an unlit pipe in his mouth (he didn't smoke) and had a full head of blue-gray hair and a long blue-gray beard.

Patton, Angela: Human. British. Mother of Carolyn. She had worked as a Chief Engineer on interplanetary spaceships before Carolyn was born. She served as the Newton's starship engineer on the ill-fated flight to New Eire. She has long red hair. (Raptors of the Depths)

Patton, "Big" Mike: Human. Father of Carolyn. War hero. Star fighter pilot. He was Captain of the Newton on the ill-fated flight to New Eire. (Raptors of the Depths)

Patton, Carolyn: Human. Born 2764. Daughter of Mike and Angela Patton. Tom Clancy’s childhood girlfriend.

Pearova: Adondi. Pirate captain who is conned by Tom Clancy, Baroo, and Ondomo. (Ghost Writer in the Sky)

Pepaa: Syringee female who is traveling with Baroo to pose as his wife. She is an old friend of Pierre Bordeaux. (Don't Cross the Ls in Tortilla)

Peti/PetiSohan: Fohen. Female. Derf's girlfriend and sister to Dora. Their father moved his family to "The Seaward Valley" when she was a child. She was selected to become a Member of The River of Horologists and succeeded Derf as the society's Timekeeper. (The Porcelain Hourglass)

The name, "Peti," just occurred to me. "Sohan" came from the Word Web Random Word "lay hands on" and a portion of its Anagram "Dylan soh an."

Petras, Lord (Peter): Waxonian. Husband of Princess Monika, descendant of Aryla Fitvet, Prince Aras, and King Ramunus.

Poncherello, Officer: Human. Uniformed motorcycle policeman for Metropolitan Miami, FL. (Alien Abduction)

Pudge: Adondi. One of two heavies employed by Bidido to take the Tartian Egg from Pierre Bordeaux. (The Tartian Egg)

Queen Amura Queen Amanda/Amura: Adondi. A Queen that the people of the Kingdom of Belmonte and the Kingdom of the Northlands often refer to in their fables, cliches and old sayings. Her Tahitian name was Amura (Big Smile).









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