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Some names are followed by a translation of the name.

Um, Mr./Um Mee Orr: Mumian male. Butler for the household of Lord Idd. The household uses his first name along with "Mr." (Umbo Job Mum)

WordWeb Pro Random Word = "mourner" > Anagram = "Um Me Or" became Um Mee Orr

Uncle Zak: The name of the computer of the Guardians of the Sanctuary of Ramunus. (In the Hole of the Mountain King)

Uranui: Human, male, Tahitian native. Chief Chef at Le Fleur. (Bloodstone) Uranui is a Tahitian name meaning "the big royal feather."

Verucchio, Antonio: Human. Brother of Gina Verucchio (The War of the Olives)

Verucchio, Gina: Human. An attractive young woman with short, curly Gina Verucchioblack hair (although it was long when she appeared on a segment of "Clockwork Carrot"). (A Conversation with Gina Verucchio) She is a member of the Verucchio family of olive growers in the prefecture of Italy on the planet Panjandrum. (The War of the Olives) She received a BS degree with a Double Prime in Electronic Engineering from the University of Milano and a PhD in Electronics Engineering from Ravenna Polytechnic University. She developed holographic quantum dot technology into commercially successful products (A Conversation with Gina Verucchio) and is the inventor of the plastidroid.

Verucchio, Pietro: Human. Gina's father (The War of the Olives)

Viktoras (Victor): Waxonian. Former butler
to Milda's household. He passed away recently. (The Butler Did It)

Violet: Human. Member of Security on the starship Newton. (Raptors of the Depths)

Walker, Mr. Norman "Norm": Waxonian. Elderly proprietor of Belgeum Outdoors. (Superb Owl Sunday) Grandfather of Spud (In the Hole of the Mountain King) and father of Ilona (The Elzbieta Bud)

Warren, Bowie: Human. Son of Cody and Cynthia Warren. He was responsible for smuggling the family of crows onboard The Warren Ark and their transport to the planet, Patience. (The Last Acorn)

Warren, Bradley: Human. Husband of Zenith and father of Zoey. A vice-president for Pegasus Express. He attacks Bidido and causes him to lose his right eye when he thinks Bidido is molesting his daughter. (Thixotropic)

Warren, Cody: Human. Husband of Cynthia and father of Bowie. He was president of Warren Oil Corporation in the 2160s through the 2180s. He founded The Warren Ark subsidiary in order to take terrestrial birds and animals to the planet Patience. (The Last Acorn)

Warren, Cynthia: Human. Wife of Cody and mother of Bowie. (The Last Acorn)

Warren, Zenith: Human. Wife of Bradley and mother of Zoey. Long, black hair. Of Chinese descent. (Thixotropic)

Warren, Zoey: Human, Five-year-old daughter of Zenith and Bradley. (Thixotropic)

Wieghorst, Olaf: Human. 20th Century artist who painted western scenes. (Thixotropic)

Windsock: Crunk male. Hot Air Dirigible pilot who takes Nailbiter across the river to the town of Riverside and back. (Pushing the Envelope)

X4459 - see del Rio, Juan

Zapatero, Carlos: Human. Of Mexican ancestry. Dark hair. He was once a member of the Nuevo Mexican Security Forces. He maintains a villa at the Mexican expat colony on Mentec. He became a mercenary with a group of Mentecians after he stole Plastidroid X4459/Juan Del Rio. He later split from the band, but remained a mercenary. (May Flowers, Plastidroid)

Zentaxus: Adondi, Male. Bidido's "muscle." (The Pirates of Panjandrum, and The Phoenix)


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