Buyer Be Aware

AETN - Arkansas Educational Television Network.  TV Worth Watching is TV Worth Paying For? - I love them. They have great prices and service, but...

Barnett Tree Service - Prompt and professional.
(El Dorado)

BitDefender 9 antivirus software

Catfish Corner - Great food, but double check your order before you leave. (El Dorado)

Cell Phones - Do they cause cancer? Are they a hazard to your health? What's the evidence?

Chandler Plumbing and Glenn Plumbing & Mechanical Will the real plumber please stand up? (El Dorado)

dotPhoto makes prints of various sizes (and other items) from the digital photos you upload to their web site. They do a very nice job - when they do them right.

eBay - the on-line auction place

Hewlett-Packard Rebate - Am I being ripped off by one of those "mail-in rebate" offers?

JCPenney Are their $10 Off or $15 Off coupons scams or are they just good business?

jWin CD552 mp3 boom box.  Thinking of getting a boom box to play those mp3 files that you've burned to CDs?

Modellbahn Ott. What about shipping and handling fees coming to 60% of the value of the model railroad items ordered?

Norm's Train World. Norman Rockwell (the model train guy, not the painter) says that he trusts his customers. But, should we trust him? What do you think?

Taylor Tire. Good, helpful folks!

Testors is a company that manufactures paint, tools, kits and supplies for model builders and hobbyists. They've been in business for over 70 years.

ThinkGeek. Or is it ThinkTwice?

TuneUp is a program which, as its name implies, is intended to help you improve the performance of your computer. Please note that I am not sure that I can still recommend this program.

West Bend Stir Crazy Corn Popper. If you like popcorn, you may or may not want to get one of these corn poppers

Woodland Scenics - A source of layout and scenery materials and tools for model railroaders

Zone Alarm Pro internet security program


Page updated: 7 June 2019