Or is it ThinkTwice? My wife went on-line to purchase a shirt for my son. The cost, with shipping, came to $26.38. As usual, my wife washed the shirt before giving it to my son to wear. After washing, she found a hole in the fabric and that the shirt was raveling. We didn't think that we wanted to deal with a merchant which sent out such merchandise. My wife contacted ThinkGeek and made arrangements to return the shirt. She was told that she could return the shirt, but the shipping charges would probably be deducted from our refund. As predicted, our credit card has been credited with only $20.99. Is this a $5.39 profit for defective merchandise?

I'm not sure why ThinkGeek should feel that we are responsible for shipping charges on defective merchandise which they choose to send out. If you are planning on ordering from ThinkGeek, perhaps you might want to ThinkTwice.