Norm's Train World

On 16 May 2009 I sent Norm's Train World a pre-order for one Z scale MicroTrains Line (MTL) "Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Advertising Freight Car" and one "Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Billboard Freight Car." These were to be the first in a series of "poster cars". Mr. Rockwell (Norm) confirmed my order and said he would put me down for the entire series.

On 17 May I e-mailed him to say that I wasn't sure that I wanted the entire poster series and asked if I could wait to see if MTL would put out the "real" circus cars that I preferred.

On 19 May he replied that "Yes, we can go that way" although he might be required to have standing or pre-orders. He would wait to see. He never let me know of any need for a standing order.

I received the first car of each series on 11 August 2009. Still nothing about a standing order requirement.

Then, on 8 September, I received the circus Billboard car #2 - unordered. I trusted Norm, and assumed that a simple error had been made. I decided to keep the car instead of going to the trouble of returning it for a refund. I e-mailed Norm of the error and of my decision, but stated that I wanted no more cars unless I specifically ordered them.

On 8 October I received another package from Norm's Train World. Since I had nothing on order, I assumed that it was another unordered circus car. I e-mailed Norm to point out the error and to say that I'd return the car as soon as he credited my Discover Card for the amount charged for the unordered merchandise.

I received a reply saying this was the first that heard about the problem. Since then Norm has insisted that I return the car before he will credit my card. He charges our cards before customers receive their merchandise, but thinks there is something wrong if we expect him to credit our cards before he gets his merchandise. Is there some sort of logic here that I'm missing?

He says that he's recently discovered 1900+ lost e-mails that were sent to a closed e-mail address and that my messages were probably among them. I sent him a copy of his reply to my request not to make the standing order. He ignores that and goes on insisting that I should trust him - even though he's not willing to trust me.

On 10 October I contacted Discover Card and filed a disputed charge claim.

On 11 October I received a message from Norm saying, in one place that he will refund my money and in another place that he has refunded my money. My Discover Card account shows no activity.

So, if you trust someone who claims to have lost 1900+ e-mail messages, including mine, but who can be shown to have replied to my e-mail message, who wants me to trust him, but who doesn't trust me, then click HERE to go to his web site and place your order.