Chandler Plumbing and Glenn Plumbing & Mechanical.

I needed to have a shut-off valve on the waterline to my house replaced. I called Chandler Plumbing a little after 8 AM on a Monday and was told that I would get a call back. I still had not heard anything by 4:30 that afternoon, so I called again, and was told that I would be called. I didn't get a call that night. I didn't get a call the next morning or the next night. On Wednesday morning, just after 8:30, I called Glenn Plumbing & Mechanical. They said they'd call back too! Within 20 minutes I received a call saying that a plumber was on the way. My valve was replaced that morning. I still have not heard from Chandler Plumbing, even to tell me that they were too busy to get to me right away.