Catfish Corner - Take out restaurant on North College in El Dorado, AR.

If you want really good catfish and other sandwiches and dinners, Catfish Corner is a good place to stop. My wife and I like to pick up lunch or supper there on nice days and then go down to the Old City Park on College Avenue to eat.

The food is really great at Catfish Corner - their catfish sandwiches are delicious and their 4-piece catfish dinner is more than I can eat without feeling uncomfortable. But, make sure that you double check your order before you leave to see that it is actually what you requested.

We've had a couple of experiences - though none lately - which cause me to caution you. We always ask for our drinks "with no ice" because the extra cold makes our teeth hurt. But when we got to the Park, we have found ice in our drinks. When my wife asks for "extra lemon and salt" she sometimes doesn't get them unless she asks again when we pick up the order. There have been occasions when I've asked for "no onions" but still had to pick onions out of my sandwich.