Testors is a company that manufactures paint, tools, kits and supplies for model builders and hobbyists. They've been in business for over 70 years.

I purchased a Testors Gloss Enamel paint kit while working on my first Z scale model train layout because I thought the glossy colors would make the plastic automobiles more realistic. I held onto the back end of each while I painted the front ends on a Monday evening, thinking that I could reverse things and finish painting the next morning. But the next morning the paint was still tacky. Even after a week and a half the the cars still stuck to my finger! I e-mailed Testors via their "Help Desk" and "Contact Us" buttons at their web site to ask for help. They never replied.

Maybe after 70 years in business they no longer feel the need to reply to their customers or they have the same Help System that Woodland Scenics uses.