Cell Phones

Do cell phones (and those cordless telephones for your land-line) cause cancer? Are they hazardous to your health? Of course, the industry says "No." After all, the radiation absorbed by DNA is in the ultraviolet range and cell phones use radio waves - quite a difference. But what does the evidence say? The January/February 2011 issue of Green America has several articles that you should read. Because Green America is one of the best environmental advocates, I've included a PDF file of the whole issue (with my thanks to the editor, Tracy Rysavy.) Click here to download and read it.

The Letters & Advice section of the April/May 2011 issue of Green American has more information. Click here to download and read this section.

Unlike most people, I don't spend all the waking day on my cell phone. I have one in my car - turned off except for emergency use. But I do have a cordless phone in my home. After reading the January/February issue of Green American, I've moved the base unit to the top of my refrigerator in our pantry - off of my desk - and replaced it with a slave-unit at least six feet from me.

If you would like to support the efforts of Green America to protect our environment, as I do, please check out their web site.