Taylor Tire & Auto Service. 4480 Smackover Highway (US Route 7)

Although they are too far away (almost 20 miles) for me to patronize regularly I would like to put in a good word for these friendly, helpful folks. You can find them on the west side of US Rt 7 just north of the Sumac Mart Valero gas station. If you come from the south, you need to go past Taylor Tire to get to the cross-over to get to their side of the highway.

I have a riding mower with inflatable tubeless tires. Unfortunately, I also have a yard with osage orange trees, hawthorns, and roses - all with thorns that I occasionally run over while mowing, and which are death to inflatable tires. Since inner tubes placed into the tires would suffer the same fate, Chris, at Magneto Service (more good folks on N. West Ave. here in El Dorado) suggested that I take my tires up to Taylor Tire because they could fill the tires with a foam which would keep them from deflating. Sounded like a good idea to me!

So I gave them a call and was told that, yes, they had the "bubble gum" to put in my tires. But after I drove 19 miles to their store they discovered that they were out of bubble gum! So I left my tires with them to fill as soon as they got more bubble gum and used the trip as a good excuse to visit the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources on my way back home.

A short while after getting home I got a phone call from Taylor Tire saying that they were sorry, but they did indeed have the bubble gum and had my tires ready to go. But they weren't going to charge me, to make up for my having to make the extra, unnecessary. trip. What could be nicer than that? Just wait!

I told them that I'd be up the next morning to pick up my tires. Before leaving home the next morning, while it was still cool (it's been getting up to 100+ during the day here) I took the tires off of my little trailer that I pull behind the mower. They needed repair (read: bubble gum), but not as badly - their leaks were very slow. I figured that at least I would pay Taylor Tire something to make my trip up worth their while.

So I picked up my mower tires and the service man filled the trailer tires with bubble gum. When I went in to pay, Mr. Taylor wouldn't charge me anything for them either!

Mr. Taylor and his staff are good folks!