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  Numbers are indexed as words (3 = three, 8 = eight)

Vid: The futuristic equivalent of a television. (The Butler Did It)

Visualizer: A spectroscopic scanner/microscope used by Aquillo. (The Ring) See also Magic Slate

Vocophone: The futuristic equivalent of a telephone. (The Centaurian Bud Vase) An older term for vocophone is "ePhone." Vocophones can come in variety of sizes and shapes. Some resembled 3x5 inch cell phones while others are contained in some form of jewelry. See the entry for Vocophone Charm, below. The vocophone may have a holographic display. Because these are personal devices, some sort of "password" protection is common. One form is scent protection, where the device recognizes the scent of the owner. (Blood Stone)

Vocophone charm: A small vocophone attached to a person's collar, sleeve, etc. (Don't Cross the Ls in Tortilla)

Art, Science, Technology W

Warp Drive: A starship's mechanism for traveling at superluminal speeds by warping space. The Saurians of Home had developed only a very crude, inefficient, Warp Drive. The Taupoians and Mentecians also developed warp drives. But these were also rather crude, allowing them to explore only relatively close star systems. Warp drives were gradually improved, allowing interstellar travel to become a lot more convenient.

Warp-Fold Field: The weapon of the Black Fleet which was used to destroy planets. (Golden Needles)

Warrant Bird: A device with artificial intelligence that hovers near the ceiling of any place that requires security (stores, hospitals, banks, etc.) They are equipped for audio-visual recording, have a laser weapon, and can communicate audibly with inhabitants of the room and by subspace with the security provider. They may have other features as appropriate. Their bright colors and the slight hum of their propellers insures that they are noticed by anyone in the room. (Slush)

Window, Electrically Fogged: The transparency of a window can be controlled to go from completely transparent, through more and more translucent (foggy), to completely opaque. This allows the resident to regulate their privacy and  the amount of light entering the room without the need for curtains or blinds. (The Tartian Egg)

Art, Science, Technology X

Xavier: A brand of automobile sold in Panjandrum City. One is owned by Pierre Bordeaux's associate, Romone. (The Duck and Doughnut)

Art, Science, Technology Y

Art, Science, Technology Z


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