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  Numbers are indexed as words (3 = three, 8 = eight)

Magic Slate: One of several similar devices (i.e., eSlate, Reader, Visualizer) with a screen and possibly other input ports. It can display images or text and can connect to The High Plane Database. (The Ring, The Life of RyLee, The Pirates of Panjandrum)

Med-Alert: A utility in homes to track and report on the health of the occupants. (Thixotropic)

MEEL/Mobile Environmental Exploration Lab: A vehicle used by the Mumian police to allow Detective Inspectors in the field to have samples processed on the spot. The MEEL usually has a crew of 6, including the pilot and a Detective Sergeant. The MEEL also has facilities for cooking meals and for the crew to sleep. For an image of a MEEL click here. (Umbo Job Mum)

Memory fogger/memory noodle: A special hypnotic toiletry or perfume scent which Mentecians developed. The victim is encouraged to use it to enhance their abilities, then it makes their previous memories nearly inaccessible and makes the individual susceptible to suggestion. The scent is often placed in the pendant of a necklace, the clasp of a bola, or some other personal adornment to keep it in contact with the victim. (Royal Glass)

Mickey: Pierre's robotic floor cleaner. It is disk-shaped, about 18-inches diameter and 6-inches high. Mickey has a vacuum, scraper, mop and polisher for doing floors. It also has extendible arms for dusting undersides of furniture and can clean and dust items on the lower shelves of open cabinets. Mickey was named for a home decor company that gives one away with purchases over 200 unees. (The Duck and Doughnut)

                              Technology N

Navicom: A spacecraft's "Navigation Computer." The computer does the calculations and makes the settings required for subspace, warp, and Newtonian travel. The computer can also interact with the High Plane Database to obtain information about traffic, potential destinations, and travel hazards. Advanced navicoms may output information by voice, but standard navicoms interact with the pilot via text or graphic display on a screen. When displaying a graphic of space around the ship, a black background indicates medium speed. If the ship is moving especially fast, the color shifts to shades or red (The Hiss) or blue depending on the speed and whether the ship is moving away from or toward the displayed region.

Neutron Lasers: Especially destructive lasers often carried by destroyer starships. Their frequencies match the resonant frequencies of common starship structural materials. Tuned neutron lasers can have their frequencies changed as desired to match specific types of targets, such as amino acids in human protein. In this way, Bidido (Monkey Trap) would have been able to kill Tom Clancy and any other humans on board the Marco Pollo without damaging the ship or its cargo.

Nortaan: The name of Baroo's fishing boat. (Teasing the Geese)

                              Technology O

Old Betsy: The antiquated revolver that Rory Molle keeps in his office desk.

Oscillator, Polar: The device that regulates the speed of oscillation of magnetic poles in a magnetic hot plate. (The Tartian Egg)


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