Social Institutions J - L

Businesses, artificial structures, social or political organizations or events, named historical events, etc.

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Juan's the One: Mexican restaurant in Ramunus City, outside the spaceport perimeter, which is connected to The Cafe by a tunnel. (Three Enchilada Dinners To Go)

Kindred, The: A secret society devoted to the protection of Ramunus' treasures. The Kindred was originally formed by nobles loyal to Ramunus to protect the young prince Aras. One branch controls the White Owl. (Jake and the Frat Man)

Le Fleur: An open air restaurant in Papeete frequented by students of the Intelligence Academy. (Bloodstone)

Linas' Transport: A business in Ramunus City on Waxon run by Linas which sells "Used But Not Abused Vehicles" - starships, spacecraft, aircraft, and floaters. (Do-Si-Do)


Page updated: 15 June 2019
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