Stellar Economic Community

The Stellar Economic Community (SEC) is the interstellar organization created by the Taupoians and Mentecians in 1350 BCE to bring about the economic integration of the civilizations of our part of the Milky Way Galaxy. The SEC includes civilizations capable of interstellar travel and any other which permits the construction and use of SEC spaceports on their world. However, planets with intelligent life may be discovered but not contacted for many years, depending on their level of civilization and behaviors.

In most cases, carrying natural resources interstellar distances is not economically practical, so the types of things traded are cultural items unique to a civilization alien to your own: art and artifacts, information, stories, music, crafts, etc.

The SEC unit of monetary exchange is the uni (plural: unees.)

In addition to economic integration, the SEC is also involved in maintaining law and order, fighting piracy and smuggling, providing for search and rescue, settling disputes, and providing training for police and security services, to name a few of its activities. Unfortunately, due to the vastness of space, resources of the SEC are often spread rather thin and so the SEC cannot always live up to the expectations of its members.

Although the various stellar civilizations have their own languages, SECLingo is the standard language for commerce.

The SEC members mentioned in my writing include: Adondus, Earth, Fohia, Gerf, Mentec, Mum, New Eire, Panjandrum, Svajone, Syringo, Taupoi, Waxon, Zeta 4.


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