Social Institutions V - Z

Businesses, artificial structures, social or political organizations or events, named historical events, etc.

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Vocophone Security: A service provided by a number of Crunk businesses to use a vocophone to record and send audio to a secure location to provide evidence in case the user is harmed or kidnapped. They also report to the appropriate government service any crime or other emergency detected or in progress during the recording. (Pushing the Envelope)

Warp Madness: A disease of those Saurians who have a very strong ability to warp space. They were the ones chosen for starship duty since the Raptors had not invented a warp drive. (Golden Needles)

Warren Ark: A subsidiary of Warren Oil which was started with the project to transfer animals from the doomed Earth to the planet Patience (The Last Acorn), but expanded its scope as time progressed. The name was eventually changed to Pegasus Express.

Warren Oil: A company and its subsidiaries founded in El Dorado, Arkansas, in 1950. (The Last Acorn)

Warren Vid: A subsidiary of Warren Oil initially formed to re-release old movies and TV shows (The Last Acorn), but which eventually moved into all phases of the entertainment industry.

Waxonian Lost Colonies: Soon after the development of the warp drive the Waxonians began to colonize other star systems. About 50 years later, Waxon entered The Time of Great Strife, resulting from conflict over succession to the throne. The winner of this struggle, Leonas, became king and began a purge of his rivals, including scientists and intellectuals. Most of these left the planet for the colonies and broke off contact with the home planet. (Someday My Prints Will Come)

West Rorrstip Keep: Major prison of the West Rorrstip Province. (Three Enchilada Dinners To Go)

Word Web/Word Web Pro: A Windows program that is a dictionary and thesaurus. I use it when I'm not sure of how to spell a word or what meanings it might have. I also use it to create names. I select a word or phrase with its Random Word function, then use its Anagram function to produce a list that helps me pick a name. Word Web is a free download. Word Web Pro (which I use) isn't free but has more features. For more information, click HERE.

World Days: Three (or four in a leap year) days of celebration at the end, but outside of, the Taupoian calendar. (A Christmas to Remember)

Yarl: A game played by young Saurians. (Raptors of the Depths) The purpose is to improve the memory and reasoning abilities of the adults transferred into them as they adjust to their new environment. The Adondi picked up the game from the Raptors and play it to improve their own memories and reasoning abilities.


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