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Arkansas Flowers

Most of the flowers shown here will be found around El Dorado, AR, and the surrounding Union County because that's where I live. But I sometimes get to travel to other parts of the state and will put up pictures of flowers that I find there too. So the "location" given for any particular flower says nothing about its range.

I am not going to try to distinguish between wild
and domestic flowers on these pages. Domestic flowers sometimes go wild; wild flowers are sometimes grown in a garden. I will try to separate the flowers by color - red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, and violet/purple/magenta. I realize that violet, purple and magenta are not the same. But most people don't distinguish between them - especially between violet and purple. Sometimes it isn't easy to decide on the color - your description may not be the same as mine. Pink and magenta may seem very similar, blue and violet also sometimes are very close. And photos sometimes do not record true colors, so that one color reproduces as a different one. When a flower is multicolored, I'll try to choose the dominant color (or include both.)

The location given is simply the location where the photograph was taken. The month given is the month the photograph was taken.

I may also occasionally include some seeds or fruit which are colorful or interesting.

If you get to Hot Springs, AR, you might like to visit the Garvan Woodland Gardens for a sampling of both native and nonnative plants. Click on the menu button above for more information and some pictures.

Books to help you to identify Arkansas flowers include "Wildflowers of Arkansas" and "Trees, Shrubs, & Vines of Arkansas" by Carl G. Hunter. "Ozark Wildflowers" and "Arkansas Wildflowers" by Don Kurz, are especially nice because the flowers are categorized by color. If not in stock, I'm sure that your local bookstore can order them; I've also seen them at

As is true of most web pages, these are "under construction." If you don't see something now, I'll be adding more as I see more flowers, so please check back.

Flowers often have many common names.  They also have scientific names. If you know a common or scientific name and I don't give it, or if you notice an error on these pages, please let me know.  You can e-mail me at the address given on my Home Page. Please follow the guidelines given there so that your e-mail doesn't get deleted without being read.

Wildflowers of Arkansas
Trees, Shrubs, & Vines of AR
Ozark Wildflowers
Arkansas Wildflowers
Arkansas Flowers

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I would appreciate help identifying any of the "Unknown" flowers shown here.  I'd like the name of the flower, it's Latin name, and a reference where I can verify your identification - something better than "My brother-in-law says it's a blue daisy and it grows all over his farm." Thank you!