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crimson clovercrimson clover
Crimson clover
Trifolium incarnatum
Along US 82, East of El Dorado. April
Asimiana sp.
Along the path by the Little Missouri River Falls. March
fire pink
Fire pink
Silene virginica
Near the Little Missouri River Falls. March
red buckeyred buckey
Red buckey
Aesculus pavia
Along Rt 9, south of Morrilton. March
 cypress vine
Cypress Vine
Growing along my line fence, east of El Dorado. I got the seeds from a friend so this is probably a domestic flower. September

Mystery Lily
Mystery Lily
Red Spider Lily
Lycoris radiata

My front yard, East of
El Dorado. I've seen a lot of these growing in yards around El Dorado. September.

Thanks to Allison Goff of Van Buren, AR, for helping with the identification. She also suggested a Wikipedia page that talks about the lily.

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