Miscellaneous Life Forms


Aigahrah: Predator in The Bush on Svajone. Named for it's cry. Has a scent like wet leather. It has four legs, clawed feet and long grass-green fur. It has a sturdy head with erect, rounded ears, and a short muzzle with long, sharp teeth protruding from each side of its mouth. About the size of a large bobcat (39 inches in length). (Superb Owl Sunday)

Gerfnids: Members of the crew of Shuttle 54. Maybe they are a third sex, different race, or something? (Alien Abduction)

Mountain Harpy: A large predatory bird living in the vicinity of Belgeum and Airy Mountain. It has blue feathers, yellow eyes, sharp talons and a wingspan of twenty feet. They sometimes carry off skinks. They nest in the crater of Airy Mountain. (The Blue Bird of Harpiness)

Niligan: A hairy, pig-like animal the size of a half-grown sheep. Used by the Saurians as food on Home. (Golden Needles)

Nolari: An animal on Home that lives in the polar regions. Its blood thickens but does not freeze when the temperature drops, so the animals can survive very low temperatures.

Porry: A small animal with brown and gray flecked fur, long ears, and broad front feet. They live in holes in the ground resembling prairie dog holes. Eaten by the juvenile skinks on Airy Mountain. (The Blue Bird of Harpiness)

Shuttle 54 Crew: The crew of this starship shuttle are very small, since 9 of them fit into the shuttle, which is the size of a whelk shell. Sorry, but at this moment I know nothing else about them. (Shuttle 54, Where R U?)

Svajone vultures: Scavengers in The Bush. Large birds with dark brown feathers, bare pink skin on their heads and necks, and hooked beaks. (Superb Owl Sunday)

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