In my novel, Silver Threads, both Juan del Rio and Marco, the AI of the starship Marco Pollo, use an occasional Spanish word or phrase. Some of these are:

alto - stop, halt

amigo - friend

andale - hurry

Ay, chihuahua - exclamation of surprise or disgust

Bueno - Good

Como? - What?

gracias - thank you

Gracias a Dios que hoy is Viernes - Thank God It's Friday

Lo siento, pero... - I'm sorry, but...

Mi Capitan - My Captain

Mierda! - Shit! (expletive)

momento - Just a moment

nada - nothing

no problemo - no problem

pollo - chicken

por favor - please

pronto - hurry

Que Padre - slang term meaning something like "neat," "great," "very good," "swell," or "wow"

Senor - Mr.

Senorita - Miss

si - yes

Tomatillo - A tomato-like "vegetable" used by Juan del Rio as a sort of pun on Tom's name

Un momento - One moment

verdad - really

y - and


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