Skinque (Waxonian)


Skinque is the native language of the skinks (The Centaurian Bud Vase) The residents of Belgeum speak with an accent like Pierre's parents used when telling their children fairy tales. (Superb Owl Sunday)

Many skinks have Lithuanian names because a ship of Lithuanians was forced to land on Waxon during the Waxonian Dark Ages. The Lithuanians created a government that brought an end to the Dark Ages and set the civilization on the road to recovery. The skinks were very appreciative. The Lithuanians returned control of the government to the skinks when the SEC finally found the Lithuanians and helped them move to a cooler planet. (Jake and the Frat Man)

Lithuanian names and their meanings were found on the web at Behind the Name.

Some Skinque words, phrases, and gestures follow:

As easy as degrubbing a rotten log - Very easy, or simple. (Do-Si-Do)

Blinking the eyes several times - A gesture of affirmation, analogous to the human nodding of the head. (Grimace) Emphasis is added by blinking more rapidly.

By Dalia's Talons! - An exclamation of surprise or annoyance. We might say "For Christ's sake!" or "For crying out loud." (Three Enchilada Dinners, To Go)

Chew my/our/your tail - Do something useless in frustration. We "bang our head on the wall."

cooking grubs in your mother-in-law's kitchen - Doing something even less desirable. We might say "going from the frying pan into the fire." (Split Personality)

ear hole, touch - A greeting, like we shake hands. A gesture, not vocalized. (The Duck and Doughnut)

Eat your last grub - die (Split Personality)

Great green grubs! - Depending on the context, it may be an expression of pleasant surprise or of consternation (where we might say, "Good grief!") (The Elzbieta Bud)

hatch-day - The day a skink is hatched, equivalent to our "birthday." (Someday My Prints Will Come)

rotten grub - something bad (The Elzbieta Bud)

rotten grub, smells like a - Something doesn't seem quite right. (Green Jacket, Red Cap)

sixty-sixty chance - The odds that a randomly tossed coin comes up heads (or tails) is 50%. So we say the chances of throwing heads, for example, is fifty-fifty. Skinks can throw heads (or tails - their choice) sixty percent of the time. So they say the chance of either of two equally probable events is "sixty-sixty."

skruzhill - A word equivalent to what we would call an "anthill." "Skruzde" is Lithuanian for "ant." (The Tartian Egg)

sniff out the grubs as we go - To improvise a plan. We might say "play it by ear." (The Hiss)

Uh, uh, uh... The sound a skink utters when it laughs. On Panjandrum, residents think that it sounds much like the call of a bird-like creature, the Roman seagull, found around Roma in Italy Prefecture.

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