The planet Panjandrum was settled by people from France, Italy, and Monaco. Pierre Bordeaux was born in New France, so he learned French as he grew up. Panjandrum City is in New France, so the people there speak French. When Pierre speaks, I hear David Suchet portraying Hercule Poirot. Some of the French words and phrases used are:

Au revoir - goodbye

bon - good

Cochon! - Pig! (an expletive)

Comment vas-tue, mon ami? - How are you, my friend? (This is the phrase that Baroo tries to speak whenever he meets Pierre.)

connard - tosser, twat, jerk (an insult)

la cle - key (to a lock)

Le Phare - The Lighthouse

Mademoiselle - Miss

merci - thank you

merci beaucoup - thank you very much

merde - shit (an expletive)

mon ami - my friend

Mon Dieu! - My God! (an expletive)

mon petite - my little one

Monsieur - Mr.

n'est-ce pas? - is it not so?

oui - yes

Phare du Bout du Monde - Lighthouse at the End of the World

Qu'est-ce que c'est? - What's this?

salaud - bastard (an insult)

salopard - scumbag (an insult)

s'il vous plait - if you please

taverne - bar, pub, or tavern


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