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violet Violet
Viola sp.
In our back yard, east of
El Dorado. March

Out front near my driveway, east
of El Dorado. May

sweet williamsweet william
Sweet William
Blue phlox
Phlox divaricata
East of Glenwood on Rt 70. March

wood sorrel
Violet wood sorrel
Oxalis violacae
Near Little Missouri River Falls. March
Tradescantia sp.
Along the trail by the Little Missouri River Falls. March
Bee balm
Monarda sp.
Like all mints, there seem to be a lot of different "horsemints," and I don't know exactly which one this is. These were seen along the access ramp at the southwest corner of the junction of Champagnolle Road and Rt 167, on the east side of El Dorado. July
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