Zetians and Other Life Forms of Zeta 4


The Zetians are the native people of Zeta 4. They are tall, gold-scaled humanoids. (Ghost Writer in the Sky and Someday My Prints Will Come)

Other life forms of Zeta 4 include:

Bittoma tree: A species of tree. The thick, corky bark on the trunk is black and covered with a black fuzz. The Flock Chittintta use their wing-thorns to gouge out nest grooves in the bark. (A Last Farewell)

Black sapsuckers: A semi-intelligent species of butterfly-like mammalians (often referred to as "flutterbys"). For more extensive coverage of these creatures, please click here.

Chaczit, Carnivora migratorius: A large carnivorous flutterby "the size of Tom's foot, blue-white on its underside, mottled green on its back, and with teeth to tear flesh." (A Last Farewell)

Chittintta Bird: A bird-like creature which shares the forest with the Flock Chittintta. It builds its nest stick by stick, using mud for cement. Because it is easier to excavate a nest in the mud and sticks of the chittintta bird's nest than in the cork of the bittoma tree, adult Chittinttas often make nests in the bird's nest. (A Last Farewell)

Dreamspinner: A cricket-like insect with an iridescent, metallic gloss. They can "play back" music that they have heard. Newlyweds in some parts of Zeta 4 exchange dreamspinners as part of their wedding ceremony.

Gilli Lizard: A flutterby-eater. It is lizard-like, with a long sticky tongue used to capture flutterbies and similar prey. (A Last Farewell) The name was a random word from WordWeb Pro, and is a shoe without a tongue and with decorative lacing up the instep.

Marallit, Long-tongued: A small, cat-like, gray and green striped predator of flutterbys and other small animals. Lives in forest habitat. (A Last Farewell)

Night Hawk: A bird-like flutterby-eater. (A Last Farewell)

Venchitta: A large reptilian, about 6 to 8 feet in length. They attack and kill animals in the same manner as the komodo lizards of Earth, using a toxic saliva to kill their prey, then waiting for them to be tenderized by decomposition. For this reason, humans refer to them as 'komodo lizards'. They are especially bold, hungry, and irritable after they molt. Molting can be triggered by the red and green light of bright auroral displays. (A Last Farewell)

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