The Mentecians are a "reptilian" race from the planet Mentec.

MentecianThey are humanoid, standing erect on their hind legs, about 7 feet tall. They are of slim build.

Mentecian skin is green.

Some humans think that the Mentecians resemble the horned toad of the southwestern United States. They have a pair of large spines projecting backward on their heads. In addition, they have short spines on their backs and on the outer portions of their arms and legs. Like terrestrial apes and humans, their tail is vestigial and internal.

The spines on the arms and legs make it difficult for Mentecians to wear clothing with long sleeves or trouser legs. Their normal attire is something like a tank top shirt, speedo shorts, and boots or shoes. Their shirts are designed with holes to allow the spines on their backs to poke through.

Because they are restricted to the single continent of Mentec, which occupies about ten percent of the planet, they share a single culture. At the time of contact by the SEC, the culture resembled the European middle ages. The continent was shared by a number of kingdoms, but the people were not particularly warlike. After SEC contact, the Mentecians allowed construction of a few spaceports and were eager to trade with their new neighbors.

Because of their physical prowess, many Mentecians left the planet to become soldiers of fortune, either as individuals or in small groups, sometimes partnering with other planetary races. Each year they had a "Conjunction" on Mentec to brag and swap stories of their adventures. Soldiers of Fortune of all planetary races were welcome. The attendees awarded the honor of Paladin of the Year to the soldier of fortune (not necessarily a Mentecian) who had survived the greatest adventure since the last Conjunction. (Split Personality)

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