Our Last Meeting

The South Arkansas Writers met by "conference call" at 2 PM on Sunday, 20 December 2020. Present were Janet and Jack Ryan, Rick Vosper, Desireé Stipp-Bethune, and Marilyn Joyner

Our next meeting will be at 2 PM on 17 January. This will be the third Sunday of the month. We will meet again by phone at FreeConferenceCall.com.

News and Announcements:
     1) Scott Larkin has emailed out the latest issue of “Between the Lines” to all contributors. If you didn’t get yours, or want one anyhow, you might check with Scott: slarkin@southark.edu

     2) Desireé is doing much better.

     3) We have still all avoided the corona virus. (Is that sentence grammatically correct? Word didn’t complain.)

Writing from Prompts:
Desireé read “The Magic of Christmas”, Rick read “A Hard-Boiled Detective Story” and “A Christmas Carol”, and Jack read "Mistress".

Prompts for our next meeting include "What happens when someone offers/is offered a helping hand?" (from Writers Digest), and January ideas - the New Year, Resolutions (that don’t work out the way they were intended?). And (as always)... "Anything You Want."

If anyone has something to be critiqued, a news item, or another prompt for our next meeting, you can email me at jackwryan@gmail.com

"See you" in January. Have a Happy Holiday and Stay Healthy.

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