Our Last Meeting

The South Arkansas Writers met by "conference call" at 2 PM on Sunday, 21 March 2021. Present were Janet and Jack Ryan, Rick Vosper, Marilyn Joyner, Desireé Stipp-Bethune, and Beverley Bethune

Our next meeting will be at 2 PM on 18 April. This will be the third Sunday of the month. We will meet again by phone at FreeConferenceCall.com.

News and Announcements:
Marilyn won second place in the February PRA Contest with “Twilight Time.”
Rick is doing better after a bout of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Writing from Prompts:
Desireé read “The Thaw,” Marilyn read “Twilight Time” and “Nightmare,” and Beverley read “Dancing from Morning to Night.”

Prompts for our next meeting include Midnight, Rain, “April is the Cruelest Month,” something inspired by a color (suggested at writersdigest.com. Check out Sherwin-Williams.com for some interesting color names), and (as always)... "Anything You Want."

We critiqued “A Package at the Door” by Desireé and “Ham and Cheese” by Rick. Both were interesting and received some good suggestions.

If anyone has something to be critiqued, a news item, or another prompt for our next meeting, you can email me at jackwryan@gmail.com

"See you" in April. Stay Healthy.

Page updated: 22 March 2021
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