Our Last Meeting

Hi Everyone,

The South Arkansas Writers met at 2 PM on Sunday, 21 May 2023 at Main Street Pizza in El Dorado. Present were Jack and Janet Ryan, DesireƩ Stipp-Bethune, Simeon Stipp-Bethune, Marilyn Joyner, and Rick Vosper.

Our next meeting will be at 2 PM on 25 June, at Main Street Pizza. Note that this is the fourth Sunday of the month, not the third. We’ll skip the third Sunday because that is Father’s Day.

News: We had no special news for this month.

Writing from Prompts: DesireĆ© read “Doing it Wrong," based on the Camping prompt. Simeon read “Graduation, Camping, and a Secret Society,” based on those three prompts. Both were humorous and a lot of fun.

Prompts for our next meeting include: “An unexpected deadline” (from Writer’s Digest), “A hot topic,” and (as always)... "Anything You Want."

We critiqued Chapter 10 of Rick’s novel, “Requiem For A McGuffin”. There were a lot of good suggestions and useful feedback.

Jack presented a program focused on the AI program, Chat GPT, with a couple of stories it wrote for him. Programs like Chat GPT can write stories, poems, essays, etc., but don’t really do a good job. Yet.

If anyone has something to be critiqued, a news item, another prompt for our next meeting, or would like to present a short “program” on something that you think would be of interest to us all, you can email me at jackwryan@gmail.com

See you in June. Stay Healthy.

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