Our Last Meeting

The South Arkansas Writers met by "conference call" at 2 PM on Sunday, 19 July 2020. Thanks, Rick, for setting this up for us. Present were Janet and Jack Ryan, Rick Vosper, and Marilyn Joyner

Our next meeting will be at 2 PM on 16 August. This will be the third Sunday of August. We will meet again by phone at FreeConferenceCall.com. If you know of some alternative place for us to meet, please let me know.

News and Announcements:
1) Desireé has had her first knee surgery.
2) We have all avoided the corona virus.

Writing from Prompts:
Rick read 5 short "Stoopid Stories" - "Faster Than Anyone's Ever Gone Before," "The Man With The Plan," "One Morning At Kate's," "The Day the Lights Went Out," and "More Time At The Office." Janet read an essay that Desireé sent for us - "My Simple Pleasure." And Marilyn read her poem, "The Brothers."

     All contributions stimulated some interesting discussion, including the idea that some of these could be submitted to flash fiction (usually less than 1000 words) markets. Rick checked the internet after the meeting and found 3 links to pages that list flash fiction markets. In case you're interested, they are:




Prompts for our next meeting include "Summer Heat," "Ice Caps," "How miserable you get in the winter," "Trying to Become a Hermit," and (as always)... "Anything You Want."

We critiqued Jack's new version of "Beyond the Clouds." Some helpful suggestions were made.

If anyone has anything to be critiqued, a news items, or a prompt for our next meeting, you can email me at jackwryan@gmail.com

"See you" in August. Stay healthy.


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