Dakra Dry Goods ---> Sheriff's Office
RSLaserKits # 4023

I bought this for use with my Old West layout, but since I already have Arkwright's Provisions & Mining Supplies, I wasn't sure how or if I'd use this one. Then I decided that with a little modification, I could use this for a Sheriff's Office.

Daakra's Dry Goods

I painted the brick chimney and exterior walls with Floquil Boxcar Red before removing them from the surrounding wood. The doors and boarded up windows were painted with Plaid Apple Barrel Burnt Umber acrylic paint. The front windows, the remaining side window and all trim were painted with Testors Flat White after removal.

I was glad that this wasn't my first kit. I'd gotten used to the misspellings (The Bed and Breakfast that I used as the El Grande Hotel was labeled "Bed and Breckfast." In some instructions it read "your" when it should have said "you're". Etc.) But this was terrible. Whole lines of the instructions were missing! Caption numbers for the photos were positioned incorrectly. If I hadn't already assembled several of these buildings this kit would have been a real pain!

On top of that the sheet of parts for the interior walls was completely missing. Fortunately, I had no use for these anyhow since I wanted to redo the building as the Sheriff's Office.

Since I wanted to use this as a jail, I recovered the broken porch and veranda framing pieces that I hadn't used from the El Grande Hotel. I painted the cross pieces black for use as the bars in the jail windows. I left the large front windows and one side window functional and placed a vertical bar behind each column of panes. After painting with the burnt umber, I reinserted the wooden pieces that should have been discarded

Bars for the jail

from the window openings in the back and side of the jail. I put the window trim around each one to emphasize that these were boarded up windows.

I also cut small pieces of scrap wood to replace the windows in the vestibule to each side of the front door.

Since this was to be the jail, I ignored the "Dakra Dry Goods" decals intended for use over the front windows and created a sign for the jail with Photoshop. I took the file that I'd created for the Blacksmith shop, deleted the text, and put in new text for the "Red Rock Sheriff."

Barred Windows
back of the jail

I cut this in two and glued a sign to each side of a piece of the wood that came out where the front windows go. I then glued this to extend out over the front door of the jail.

The roofing was precut paper, much like what was used on some of the other buildings. In this case the roof was

Red Rock Sheriff

already coated with adhesive. I just had to peel off the protective layer of paper and lay the roofing. It worked well.

One thing that I learned from this kit: Don't throw away leftovers from previous kits. You never know when something might come in handy for "kit bashing" another project.

Sheriff's Office