Z Scale Model Trains

I became interested in Z scale model trains several years ago.

The picture to the right compares model trains from the G scale to the Z scale, along with a US quarter to the right of the N scale locomotive. (Run your cursor over the image to see a close-up of the smaller engines.) The Z scale model trains are 1/220 the size of the real
thing - one inch in Z scale equals 220 inches (over eighteen feet) in real life.

The Z scale locomotive at the bottom is about two and three fourths inches long. The G scale locomotive at the top is over 21 inches long.

The pages in this section are really here to help me to keep track of what I learn about these tiny trains. If what I learn helps you, that's great too.

Special Note: I hate to admit this, but since I retired in the spring of 2010, I have not worked with my trains, so some links on these pages may be way out of date!

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