Social Institutions D - F

Businesses, artificial structures, social or political organizations or events, named historical events, etc.

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Dark Ages (Taupoian): The time after The Great Dying before interstellar travel could be resumed. (Rogue Planet)

Dark Ages (Waxonian): The time after The Time of Great Strife, after the Lost Colonies separated from Waxon, and much knowledge was lost on Waxon. The treasures of Ramunus were dispersed at some time during these Dark Ages.

Day, Fohen: Because the Spring and Fall Equinoxes are special days, they are used as the standard for determining the length of a "day" (the length of time from one noon to the next. "Noon" (midday) meaning the time of day when the Daily Glare reaches its maximum height in their perpetually cloudy sky. Midnight is the time midway between successive noons and, at equinoxes, would actually be at the middle of the night, hence, "midnight." At the equinoxes, the time half way from midnight to noon and from noon to midnight resemble the equinoxes themselves--so, like a year, a day is divided into quarters. Then, as with a year, the times halfway between each of these quarter marks divide a day into eight, should I say, "hours"? No. A reader seeing "hour" would equate this with a terrestrial "hour" which is much shorter (a twenty-fourth of our day). To avoid this, I am using the term "octo" for one-eighth of a Fohen day.

Dendrology Research Corporation: An organization whose ostensible purpose is to do research on trees and other alien life forms. In reality it provides intelligence and security functions for clients. (A Many-Splendored Thing)

Dezes Temporary Storage: The facility in Ramunus City where Carson stores her holographic quantum dot suit. (Split Personality) "Dezes," with proper diacritical marks, is Lithuanian for "Boxes."

Double Prime: A university degree equivalent to what we would designate as a Bachelor of Science. (A Conversation with Gina Verucchio)

DropInn: A hotel in the Crunk town Riverside's fourth level where Olivia is staying. (Pushing the Envelope)

Duck and Doughnut, The: Tavern in Panjandrum City where Pierre Bordeaux goes to look for Baroo. (The Duck and Doughnut) The name resulted from a discussion during the 2009 Christmas Break with my son, Scott. I can't remember the content of the discussion, but the name "Duck and Doughnut" for a pub just came into my mind. It had nothing to do with "Dunkin Donut," which was not even part of the discussion. It may have had something to do with the Aflac duck and a lifesaver ring.

Earth-Moon-Mars system: The political linking of the governments of Earth, Moon, and Mars at the time that the exodus from Earth begins.

El Dorado Medical Center: The  hospital in El Dorado, Arkansas, where Bidido was cared for when he lost his eye. (Thixotropic)

Estate of the Blue Hole: A horological society in the Fohen Deep Tar Prefecture. DerfRitt was chosen to become their Horologist Superior.

Fawddomite: A follower of the Taupoian, Brittany Fawddom. (The Great Dying)

Final Countdown: The deadline at Starbase Prime for offering for sale anything collected by the Taupoians. (Day of the Doomrock/Rogue Planet)

First Patience Bank of El Dorado: The bank where the Sword of Ramunus is secured in the safety deposit box room. (Grimace)

Flesh trade: Buying and selling of sex-slaves

Fort of Ewanuick: Small, stone fortress where the legendary Waxonian hero, Ewanuick, retreated to when pursued by Royal Rangers. The fortress is located on a small, basaltic island in the middle of the Reslams River just before it plunges 100 meters over the edge of the West Rorrstip Rim. (Three Enchilada Dinners To Go). Ewanuick is the last name of Fred Ewanuick, the fellow who played Hank in the Canadian TV show, "Corner Gas."

Frannki's Bar and Gruel: One of the more elegant night spots in Inngearr Sirronn on Carrthussia. Owned by Frannki O'Chett. (Apprill Showers) The name was just an idea that came to me after driving past a restaurant in El Dorado with "Grill" in its name.

Freelance Merchant: A euphemism for a space or interstellar pirate (Ghost Writers in Disguise)


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