Poser Images for My Writing
Bidido at the Bank
Bidido at the Bank (Silver Threads: The Tartian Egg)
Diana the Huntress
Statue of Diana the Huntress (Silver Threads: The Pirates of Panjandrum)
Capt. Peaorva approaches the Pikitaan
Captain Pearova approaches the Pikitaan
(Silver Threads: Ghost Writers in Disguise)
Juan del Rio

Juan del Rio (Silver Threads: several chapters)

Images are not restricted to my SEC Universe and may illustrate any stories, novels, or poetry that I write. Titles will be italicized. In some cases, images may contain characters or places from my writing, but do not illustrate something from any specific story, novel, or poem.

The replica of the Phare du Bout du Monde lighthouse is removed from La Rochelle,
    France, by a Mentecian starship in my story, "The Lighthouse at the End of the
." (2022 01 05)
The city of Rochelle is one of the greatest tourist spots in the French Prefect of
    the planet Panjandrum. Rochelle Beach is famous for its lavender sand and is the
    home of the small but famous Tiki Bar, The Lavender Lighthouse, and the French
    replica of the Patagonian “Phare du Bout du Monde” lighthouse (relocated from the
    Atlantic coast of France off La Rochelle on Old Earth) in my story, The Lighthouse       at the End of the World. (2021 10 04)
Here's a scene illustrating a scene from my Scary Sheri Safari story. (2021 09 27)
Roger Bansemer did a painting of a lighthouse on his "Painting and Travel" program
    on Arkansas PBS, so I did my own version. Because the robe in the door of the
    lighthouse has no one in it, Jan thought there was a story here. So I wrote The
. (2021 09 05)
The Marco Pollo visits Jupiter. (2021 08 26)
Uncle Juan and Tahiti chat on the bridge of the Marco Pollo. (2021 08 26)
Here's a Sheri Safari poster that should have been on the wall in my SF story, Scary     Sheri Safari. But wasn't. (2021 08 21)
Pierre rescues Baroo in a scene from my SF story, Scary Sheri Saffari. (2021 08 17)
A time traveler goes back to observe early Man in my SF story, Urk and the Man from     Little Rock. (2021 08 07)
The Hotel Banay is a popular destination for Mumian Honeymooners. (2021 06 21)
The Mumian newlyweds are about to depart on their honeymoon. (2021 06 21)
The Sheriff and Old Red trail Black Powder Bob in a scene from my story, Strange     Candy. In addition to blowing the safe of the bank, Bob shot the Sheriff’s dog,     "Strange Candy,” as he made his escape. (2021 06 21)
Discovery of the Pre-Columbian pots. This scene is from an unwritten prequel to my SF
     story, Pushing the Envelope. (2021 05 21)
The hot air dirigible carrying Nailbiter approaches the pyramid housing the village of      Riverside. Pushing the Envelope (2021 03 22)
The mail carrier brings a letter to Nailbiter. Pushing the Envelope (2021 03 22)
Groundhog Day is to accompany a short story written for one of the prompts for the           February 2021 meeting of the South Arkansas Writers. (2021 02 02)
Crew Quarters shows Tom Clancy in his room on the starship Marco Pollo. This was done
     because I may send the image along with a tip for the PBS program, "Love of
     Quilting." The bedspread on Tom's bed originated in a photo that I took of one of
     the quilts that Janet made. (2021 02 02)
The Surfing Mermaid was initially done just for fun, but it got me to write a short           story incorporating one of the prompts for a South Arkansas Writers meeting.
    (2021 01 12)
Venice on Panjandrum. This doesn't illustrate any of my stories. I just thought Sheila      and Juan might like to visit one of the cities in Panjandrum's Italian prefect.
     (2020 11 08)
The trade brought in after contact with the Stellar Economic Community and the building      of the spaceport encouraged the Mumians to rebuild their ancient capital, Umbo Job      Mum, and its magnificent clock tower. A close-up of some of the crew is here. The      larger folks are males, the smaller ones are females. Here is a wedding portrait.
Explorers of an uninhabited planet find a surprise. Explorers. (2020 09 19)
Bidido and his Personal Secretary, Minarus, look over the statue of Mercury before           the antiquities auction on the doomed planet Earth. (2020 06 25)
The Branislovas Caper illustrates Pierre, Milda, and Baroo stopping the Branislovas           truck in my novel, The Centaurian Bud Vase. (2020 07 17)
Bath Time goes with a limerick that I wrote while showering. (2020 05 31)
Bidido and Zentaxus take the statue of Diana back to Caryton Gray. Silver Threads: The
     Pirates of Panjandrum
Sheila is at Pierre's Antique Shop to buy the Plastidroid. Silver Threads: The Pirates
     of Panjandrum
Derf, Kayo, and Peti arrive at the Fohen Airfield. Beyond the Clouds (2020 03 19)
The Porcelain Hourglass, from a story of the same name. (2020 01 18)
Kong, from a non-SEC story of the same name. (2019 10 23)
Carmichael and Feynman are ready to escape from Svajone in the "Galaxy's Guide to the
    Hitchhiker" chapter of The Centaurian Bud Vase. (2019 10 12)
Monkey Trap. From a scene in the chapter of the same name in my novel, Silver Threads.
    (revised 2019 11 08)
Flight Group. Image created for the display behind everyone in Monkey Trap (2019 10 11)
The Valley of the Silver Turtles. For my poem of the same name. (2019 09 16)
Wizard's Wagon Aquillo and Nightshade at day's end. (2019 08 26)
Baroo in the Sky (2019 08 09)
The Tower - A, The Tower - BThe Tower - C (reposted 2019 08 07)
Before the Battle. From my story, The Adondi. (2019 07 08)
Night Visitor. For my poem of the same name. (2019 06 13)
May Flowers. From my story of the same name. And, no, the ship isn't the Mayflower
    (2019 05 17)
Anaaa being loaded. The Town on the Hill. (2019 04 06)
Hulkie and Fang are Riding Hard. The Town on the Hill. (2019 03 25)
Oriata sees herself in the Magic Mirror. The Town on the Hill. (2019 02 23)
Mickey is trapped under the chair in "Ad Nauseam" (2019 02 16)
Poster for Aisle 14B screenplay 1, Aisle 14B screenplay 2. (2019 02 16)
Poster for The Ghost of Maple Muldrow screenplay. (2019 02 16)
The Companions. The Town on the Hill. (2019 02 16)
September, Eaten by the Moon: To illustrate my poem of the same name. (2019 02 16)
The Silhouette. "The Ghost of Maple Muldrow" (2019 02 16)
Time to Travel (from a flash fiction story of the same name). (2019 02 16)
Aquillo and his dormara, Nightshade, in the forest. Silver Threads: The Ring

Images posted before 2019 02 16 are just listed alphabetically:

Aquillo's Neighborhood. Silver Threads: The Ring, or The Winds of Spring
Bidido at the bank. Silver Threads: The Tartian Egg. Revised 2019 07 22
Bidido on The Dragonlady. Silver Threads: A Dish Best Served Cold
Bidido and Sheila. Silver Threads: The Pirates of Panjandrum
Bill and Grace fly over the Warren's back yard. "The Last Acorn"
Diana the Huntress as the small statue held by Clay Garret. "A Conversation with Gina
Eustan and Liz onboard the Marcopo. "Day of the Doomrock"
Eustan in Tahiti. "Transit"
Liz with her Admiral's uniform, in San Francisco. "Red Sky in Mourning"
Marco Pollo starship. Silver Threads: several chapters
Marcus, Sheila, and Rali at Skull Rock. "Bloodstone"
Mardi Silverblood entering her fighter, SEC1943. Silver Threads: Monkey Trap
Mardi Silverblood (portrait) entering her fighter. Silver Threads: Monkey Trap
Neltonbent and Vello. "Flying Purple Percolator"
Ondomo in his Spaceport Security uniform at the hotel on Syringo. Silver Threads: Ghost
    Writers in Disguise
Ondomo in his Constable uniform at the Carnival on Zeta 4. Silver Threads: A Many-
    Splendored Thing
Prince Syree and spaceships of Home's armada: Golden Needles
Sara Leone is about to return Shuttle 54 to Biscayne Bay. "Shuttle 54, Where R U?"
SEC1943, Mardi's starfighter. Silver Threads: Monkey Trap
Tahiti at the Inn of the Blue Moon on Adondus. Silver Threads: several chapters
Tom Clancy at his pseudo-log cabin on Zeta 4. Silver Threads: A Many-Splendored Thing

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