Poser Images Done for Fun

  Train Wheels

Some people will roast hot dogs or marshmallows at the drop of a hat. (2021 12 29)
"My father was the keeper of the Eddystone Light. He married a mermaid one fine          night. From this union, there came three - a porpoise, and a porgy, and the         other was me." This song has been going through my head for the past week.
   (2021 12 19)
Merry Christmas Everybody! (2021 12 13)
Back when I was a kid (probably in the early 1950s), 3D comics went through a           popular spell. One of the comics I had was about a caveman named Tor. In one of     the episodes, Tor was attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a cave. He escaped by     throwing his club so that it dislodged a stalactite, which fell and impaled the     T Rex. Memories of this scene prompted me to create this picture. I found what     was left of this old, faded comic and scanned in and Photoshoped the frame that     I remembered. If you'd like to see it (you need a pair of red/blue 3D glasses),     click here. (If the copyright holder of this comic objects to my posting the         image, please just email me at the address given on my home page and I'll
    remove it.) (2021 12 04)
Wilson Bickford did a painting of leaves in a puddle, “Change of Seasons,” on his
    PBS show that prompted me to try something similar. (2021 11 23)
I hope you all have fun Trick-or-Treating and have a Happy Halloween. (2021 10 31)
We've got a calender which has a picture of a lion cub this month. I decided I'd
    try a picture of some tiger kittens. (2021 10 19)
When he’s painting, Bob Ross often emphasizes the need to make sure that the water
    in the scene is level. He jokes that if it’s not, it might run off onto the
    floor and make a mess. That suggestion inspired me to do this picture.
    (2021 10 17)
A friend of ours said she wasn’t going to get the Covid vaccine because she had a
    friend who was magnetized after the shot. Of course, that’s baloney because if
    humans could be magnetized, then anyone who’s ever had an MRI (Magnetic
    Resonance Imagery) procedure would be magnetized. And that doesn't happen.
    If you want to protect your family and friends, get vaccinated! Don’t believe
    all the nonsense that’s being spread by the ignorant. (2021 10 14)
After seeing the Indian Elephant and Hippopotamus "portraits," Janet suggested that     I do a picture of a Rhinoceros. (2021 09 08)
I did a portraits of an Indian Elephant and of a Hippopotamus while Janet was fixing     supper the other day. (2021 09 08)
This picture was inspired by Jerry Yarnell's painting, "Hide and Seek," that he     began on his "Paint This" program on Arkansas PBS. (2021 09 05)
Zoltan had to pick up his son from kindergarten, so Holke and Little Joe sat in for     him. (2021 08 27)
Holke on the Moon came about after I was playing with Poser, wondering if I could     make a spacesuit for Holke.(2021 07 31)
Janet and I were on our porch swing watching a mocking bird take a bath in an     afternoon rain shower. I wondered, "Do squirrels take baths when it rains?"     Here's the answer.
A fungi thing happened on the way to the forum. Holke has taken his time machine to     see a show in Rome. It’s supposed to be a comedy tonight. (2021 06 25)
The pink one or the green one? Which one should I eat? I wonder? (2021 06 13)
Slathered up with sunscreen, Holke is ready for his vacation on Degobah. (2021 06     13)
Holke is ready to help Blackbeard and Anne Bonny bury their treasure chest. Look at     how much fun you can have with a time machine. (2021 06 05)
Holke travels back to 1890 in his time machine to visit Saint Paul Asylum to     introduce the world of art to a new style of painting. He has no plans to cut     off an ear. (2021 06 05)
Holke prepares to pull the sword from the stone as Morgana, Sir Kay, and Merlin look     on. Amazing what you can get up to with a time machine.(2021 05 25)
Holke recognized it for what it was when the Time Machine materialized one morning     while he was fixing breakfast. (2021 05 24)
With this much skin showing, what use is this sort of armor? Maybe a potential     adversary would be distracted?
How many of you remember this song from the early ‘60s? “We’re having fun, sitting
    in the back seat kissing and a hugging with Fred.” This image is dedicated to
    the memory of my University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy classmate, Fred
    Schell. (2021 05 06)
Would you buy a used hover car, or a pink Morgan 3 Wheeler, from this human? (2021     04 30)
In a song about truckers, Johnny Cash sang She's "a sailor on a concrete sea." (2021     04 29)
Portrait of an engineer taking a break while the train is serviced. (2021 04 28)
The artist takes a break after finishing his portrait of Johnny Cash, The Man in     Black. (2021 04 26)
Sir James prepares to rescue the kids from the marauding Pink Dragon. (2021 04 26)
Indiana Joan is wondering how long you have to wait after someone is buried for     robbing a grave to become legal. (2021 04 18)
Here's an Old Timer from out in southern Arizona. (2021 04 13)
Firefighter Fido and Catherine are ready to go at the sound of the bell.
    (2021 04 10)
This guy reminded me of a meteorologist. (2021 04 08)
I found a spacesuit in my Library, so here's an astronaut. (2021 04 06)
I've been thinking of doing some portraits. Here's the pirate, Aldwyn. (2021 04 01)
I saw something about "Dueling Banjos" the other day, so I thought, "Why not?" (2021     03 31)
Foggy Valley was inspired by the photo on the March page of the calendar that hangs     in our bathroom. (2021 03 28)
Is it Danica's or Saint Patrick's Day 2021? (2021 03 15)
One of my favorite songs, The Yellow Rows of Taxis - With a tip of the Hatlo Hat to     the 06 March 2021 "Mother Goose and Grimm" comic. (2021 03 13)
We've had a couple towhees among the birds that eat the birdseed that Janet puts out     in the front yard. (2021 01 29)
Did your dog’s wild ancestors hunt and kill the same varieties of vegetables and     grains found in the dog food you buy? (2021 02 16)
Happy Valentine's Day 2021 (2021 02 14)
Are you ready for Superb Owl Sunday 2021? (2021 02 05)
You're Fired! (2021 01 09) Every action has consequences.
Home for the Holidays, and Home for the Holidays 2. (2020 12 24) If we all practice      wearing our masks and social distancing, maybe my picture will be appropriate      for the 2021 Holidays.
Merry Christmas 2020 and Happy New Year! (2020 12 10)
Radio Control (2020 11 21) Holke uses his RC unit to control the fembot as she uses      hers to fly the airplane.
Have a Cuppa Joe (2020 11 08) Enough said.
Busy Skies (2020 11 08) I got some new assets from Renderosity and decided to play      with them.
Miss MacDonald's Farm (2020 10 28) E-I-E-I-OH! A recent guest on the "Sewing With      Nancy" show on PBS Create had a quilt behind her. The quilt displayed barnyard      animals--plus a stegosaurus! So I decided to create my own version of Miss           MacDonald's Farm.
Migrating Geese (2020 10 21) This is an another image inspired by one of Wilson           Bickford's paintings, "Canada Honkers."
Breakfast (2020 10 17) Humpty Dumpty wondered why Old King Cole and the Queen had
     invited him to breakfast
Happy Hallow-giving-mas 2020 (2020 10 07) It's that time of year again, and will be      for quite a while
Riding in a Car with Girls (2020 09 10) Playing homage to the movie (that I never
    saw) "Riding in Cars with Boys."
The Tutu Twain comes though the middle of the house...where the parlor used to
    be (2020 09 01)
Sniff (2020 08 18) The idea for this picture just popped into my head while I was
     brushing my teeth after lunch.
Cityscape at Night (2020 08 02) After doing Cityscape (below), I decided to try one     at night with lights in the buildings' windows.
Cityscape (2020 07 29) This is an another image inspired by one of Wilson Bickford's      paintings.
Wading Elk (2020 07 28) On Create TV's "Painting With Wilson Bickford", I saw him      paint a nice image of an elk in the fog. I decided to try something similar.      Perhaps, as a lady in Tucson said about my painting, I should stick to
     photography. But this was fun.
Bareback Riders (2020 07 17) 
Wild West Just playing around with my Waxonian figure. (2020 07 17)
Cereal Killer (2020 07 09)
Summer Fun - Renderosity had some cute critters and I thought they would make a
     cute picture (2020 06 01)
The Proposal (2020 05 23)
The Fleet 01, 02, and 03 - Images I created while playing with TerraSphere
     (2020 05 17)
Spring Break 2020 (2020 03 29)
Corona Virus - just another Fake News story (2020 03 19)
Mamma says this birdhouse will be fine for nesting (2020 03 09)
Happy Valentine's Day 2020 (2020 02 13)
The Illusion of Depth (2020 02 06) Paying homage to Bob Ross
Groundhog Day 2020 (2020 02 01)
Happy New Year 2020 (2020 01 01)
Christmas 2019 (Revised 2019 12 15)
The MacNificent Seven (2019 12 07)
Baby Vimana flies, with a nod to Dumbo (2019 12 02)
With a nod to political cartoonist Bill Bramhall (2019 11 22)
Fascinating, Captain (Revised 2019 11 19)
Zombies Say... 6 (2019 10 29)
Just testing Tiny's Fur for the HiveWire Gorilla (2019 10 22)
Zombies Say... 5 (2019 10 15)
Possession is Nine Points of the Law (2019 08 21)
Possession v. II (2019 08 21)
Possession v. III (2019 08 21)
Possession v. IV (2019 08 21)
Gilded Cage (2019 07 27)
Billy the Kid (Revised 2019 07 25)
His Master's Voice (2019 07 19)
Ghost Writers in Disguise (2020 07 09)
A Zombie Teacher... (2019 06 09)
The Commode Dragon Lizard (2019 06 05)
The Thinker (2019 05 29)
Is it pronounced Hyacinth Bucket or Bouquet? (2019 05 24)
Crow in the Rain (2019 05 23)
I'm Henry the Eighth, I am. From the song by Herman's Hermits. (2019 04 25)
Red Roses for a Blue Lady (2019 04 22)
No Collusion (2019 03 30)
Dandy Lions (2019 03 20)
Ghost Band (2018 07 18)
unGhost Band (2018 07 18)
The Dawning of the Age of Aquariums (2018 03 14)
Self Portrait (2019 03 03)
Snowbound (2019 03 01)
Beechcraft Model 18 (2019 02 28)
Card Game (2019 02 24)
Ixnay Rutusbay (2019 02 06)
Happy Valentine's Day 2019 (2019 01 31)
SUPERBOWLSUNDAY2019 (2019 01 31) (I'm not shouting - Janet suggested that I
    use all caps and we'll see if you figure out why!)
Big Red House (2019 01 21)
Ancient Greek Atomic Theory (2018 09 29)
Sudoku Chess (2018 07 28)
Mondrian 1, Mondrian 2 (2018 07 08) 
Pizza Delivery (2018 04 28)
Air Power (2018 04 19, Revised 2019 07 10)
Happy Easter Island (2018 04 07)
Far East, Far East Portrait (2018 03 25)
Rescue (2018 03 03)
Groundhog Day 2018 (2018 02 11)
Happy Valentine's Day 2018 (2018 02 07)

In the past, these Poser images have been listed simply alphabetically based on an arbitrary title. This makes it difficult to find new images that have been posted. Therefore, from 24 January 2018 and onward, new images will be listed in order of the date they were posted.

The Birth of Venus (after seeing HiveWire 3D's ad for a Venus fly trap)
Deer Hunting 1, Deer Hunting 2
Dwarves in Town
Hands Up, Hands Up 2
Happy Halloween
Happy Hallow-giving-mas
Heads Up Statue
Heads Up Lighthouse: Created from a suggestion by Janet
Hunting Season
I Never Saw a Purple Cow
The Joy of Poser: Paying homage to Bob Ross
Liar's Lair, Liar's Lair 2
Little Chipton is Under Attack by a Giant Penguin Chick
North by Northwest: Paying homage to Cary Grant and the movie of the same name
Paying Homage to Terry Pratchett
Peppers (with a nod to Jerry Yarnell)
Rodeo on Vesta
Rough Water 1, Rough Water 2
School Crossing
Ship in a Bottle
Sky High
Stairs to Nowhere (with a nod to Jerry Yarnell)
Super Chief
The Elephant in the Room - Overpopulation (revised 2019 08 08)
Vinyl Victoria: Playing around with The Toyman's Vinyl Materials
What do you call a biker who rides with no helmet at 70 mph? ...911 !
"You can lead a horse to water, and if you can get him to float on his back
    you really have something."
Zombies Say... 4
Zombies Say... 3

Zombies Say... 2

Zombies Say... 1

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