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I have three science fiction novels set in the Stellar Economic Community: Silver Threads (completed, in search of an agent or editor), Beyond the Windward Sea (in progress but on hiatus), and The Centaurian Bud Vase (completed, in search of an agent or editor.) To read the first chapter and a chapter summary of each of these novels, click on the covers at the right. (The fourth novel, The San Xavier Mission, is just an idea at this time.) Short descriptions of each novel are below.

                                   Silver Threads

Silver Threads begins "Prince Syree's stomach gurgled. He knew that within six hours he would be dead. The tip of Syree's saurian tail twitched. Standing tall and proud, his glossy skin and pennons a dark blue, he stared out at the rain drumming against the windows of the hexagonal mess hall's three exterior walls. Lightning illuminated the slender, golden starships in the distance.

After this, events unfold which could lead to the eventual destruction of our galaxy. Now, five thousand years later, after surviving crossbow bolts, laser rifles and neutron cannons, only the disparate crew of the starship Marco Pollo – Tom, a human and ace pilot; Tahiti, the runaway blue girl from Adondus; Trittcha, a telepathic flutterby from Zeta 4; Juan, the shape-shifting plastidroid pirate; Mary Sue, the human spitfire from the streets of Adondus; Pierre, a silver skink from Panjandrum; and Carolyn, Tom’s childhood sweetheart cum velociraptor – can weave together the silver threads of space-time to prevent this catastrophe.

Silver Threads is a science fiction novel of 92,000 words. The story introduces intriguing characters and cultures (the seeds of other novels) and then these threads are interwoven to bring the assembled crew of the Marco Pollo to the brink of galactic disaster.

Silver Threads Cover

                 Beyond the Windward Sea

Beyond the Windward Sea begins "'Are we alone?' No, you sweet thing, but we might find a secluded spot among those trees, if you'd like," Carmala said, stroking the snow-white fur on Sharmara's back between her halter top and shorts."

After this first paragraph of Beyond the Windward Sea, we learn how the blue Tahitians and the dragons (alien races appearing in my novel, Silver Threads,) arrive on the planet Adondus and how the queen of the Tahitians defeats the dragons to become the Adondi's fabled Queen Amanda.

Beyond the Windward Sea is a science fiction novel currently on hiatus while I complete The Centuarian Bud Vase.

Beyond the Windward Sea

                  The Centaurian Bud Vase

The Centaurian Bud Vase begins "'Stop! I don't want to hear it!' His shout woke him from another nightmare. 'Aloha Jazz' had been their song. His subconscious continued to taunt him, reminding him of his failure. He rolled over in his bed and, of course, Daiva was not there. Not now. Not ever again.

Pierre threw off his e-static blanket and stood nude, gazing out the bedroom window of the apartment above his antique shop. The rays of the rising Twin Suns sparkled from his silver scales. His black eyes scanned across the snowy blanket on the streets and sidewalks. Skinks disliked winter; Pierre Bordeaux hated it."

After these first paragraphs of The Centaurian Bud Vase, Pierre Bordeaux (the silver skink from Silver Threads) finds himself, along with his Syringee friend, Baroo, the Waxonian Princess Milda, and the Waxonian percussionist, Juozas, embroiled in a quest to find the treasures--the crown, the robe, and the sword--of the legendary Waxonian King Ramunus. The quest takes Pierre from his unobtrusive antique store on the planet Panjandrum to other worlds in search of the treasures.

The Centaurian Bud Vase is a science fiction novel of 80,000 words.

The Centaurian Bud Vase Cover

                The San Xavier Mission

The San Xavier Mission is a prequel to The Centaurian Bud Vase. I have not started writing this novel. It will tell the story of why Pierre Bordeaux chose to become a simple shopkeeper on Panjandrum.


To read the first chapter and a chapter summary of each of these novels, click on the "oover pages" of each novel. Please e-mail me if you are an editor who'd like to publish my work or an agent who'd like to represent me.

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