Mumian Life Forms


The Mumians are the people of the planet Mum (Umbo Job Mum). They are humanoid in that they stand erect on one pair of legs and have two arms with hands. They are much smaller than most other people of the Stellar Economic Community. I'll try to describe them below, but you can see a pair in this wedding portrait.

Males are generally head and shoulders taller than females, about 6 inches tall. They are built sturdily, perhaps resembling sumo wrestlers. Each hand has 3 longish fingers and an opposable thumb. Each foot has a single, hoof-like toe. They have a short, pointy tail. Males have a little coarse but sparse hair on their backs and shoulders. A ring of fatty skin circles the neck and hangs down in front only as far as the top of the chest. Their face has a small, human-like nose and massive jaws which contain sturdy teeth for chewing and a pair of upper canines. Eyes have greenish-yellow irises and pink sclera. The pupil is cat-like. Their heads have four horns - two just above the forehead and two more just behind these. The horns are usually short and sturdy, but some can be longer and/or branched. Their ears stand out a bit from each side of their head and, though smaller in proportion, resemble a cow's ears. Their skin is thick and tough. It varies in color and usually has dark stripes and patches. They have no external sexual organs and usually wear no clothes.

Females are generally much shorter than males, about 4 inches tall. They are built sturdily, though not so much as the males. Each hand has 3 fingers and an opposable thumb. Each foot has two toes with sturdy nails. They have a short tail with a bulbous end covered by coarse black hair. Similar hair is found on the top of their head, the tips of their ears, their shoulders, and their backs. A ring of fatty skin circles the neck and hangs down in front far enough to cover the chest. Their heads are elongated so that their jaws extend down over their chests. They have heavy jaws with sturdy teeth for chewing. Their nose is long and round, vaguely resembling that of a proboscis monkey's. Eyes have red-orange or greenish-yellow irises. The pupil is round. The sclera is pink for both, but is covered by a disk of skin which covers a considerable portion of the face. The skin here is blue when the eyes are red-orange or black when greenish yellow. Females lack horns. Their ears stand out from each side of the head, like a male's, but are long like a donkey's. Their skin is thick and tough, though not so much as the male's. The skin is essentially black, and females look black from a distance. However, up close they can be seen to be finely mottled with pink on the ventral side and bluish or greenish gray on the dorsal. They have no external sexual organs and usually wear no clothes. To the disappointment of most science fiction fans and 3D graphics artists, the females do not have large, sexy breasts expected of aliens. Mumians are "mammalian," but have breasts resembling non-human primates of Earth. Considering how the face and neck ring cover the chest, Mumian breasts are not normally visible.

Although Mumian brains might seem too small to have the intellectual capacity of humans, they have a "hive mind" which enables them to have the intelligence of humans. They are not conscious of this connection and have no mental interaction with other members of the population (i.e., they do not read each other's minds or share the experiences of others.) Individuals are self-aware and act on their own. How far this interaction extends has never been determined.

Mumian civilization is technological, about on a par with Earth's first world countries in the 1970s. Like civilizations on Earth, they are politically divided into individual countries.

Residents of the nation of Umbo Job Mum tend to eat 4 meals per day: one on arising, one at midmorning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. (Umbo Job Mum)

Other life forms of Mum include:

Ligerfish: The ligerfish is normally found in the Mumian abyssal waters, but sometimes comes up enough to be caught by deep-sea fishermen. It is an expensive delicacy in Mumian meals. (Umbo Job Mum) Its eyes glow red in the darkness, probably to attract the small fish or other creatures that it eats. For an image, click here. The red glow remains for an extended period after the fish dies. Children of wealthy parents often smear the glowing material over their faces and bodies and play games in the dark.

Plants of the Mumian temperate zones tend to be pink in the spring and gradually become blue as summer comes on. (Umbo Job Mum)

Many tree-like plants have a blue wood which is often used decoratively in Mumian homes and buildings. (Umbo Job Mum)

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