Gerf (Species)

The Gerf are the people of the planet Gerf. They are shape-changers, about the size of honey bees.

The life span of the Gerf is about 90 years. Any Gerf male reaching the age of about 100 years changes to the Gerfnid (female) state. A Gerf's age is reckoned from the time that it becomes a Gerf (see below.)

Gerfs and Gefnids may seem promiscuous. Relations seldom, if ever, result in long-term pairing.

Gerf (Males)

Because their society is essentially patriarchal, males of the species are also referred to as Gerf. (Females are "Gerfnids" - see below.)

The default shape of the Gerf resembles a Teddy Bear with plush fur and mitten-like hands. If fingers are required, the "mitten" can be morphed to provide them. The color of the default plush fur varies from Gerf to Gerf, but can be changed consciously and often varies with the emotional state of the Gerf.

A Gerf can ingest the flower of the purple trilliam plant (or the active ingredient in the flower) and it will change to the Gerfnid state. This is done when the society finds itself with "too many" Gerfs. Without this option, should all Gerfnids mature (see below), the species could eventually become extinct.

Gerfnids (Females)

Gerfnids are the female of the species. They are purple and, although they have no default shape, their resting form often resembles that of the males. When sexually active, they take on shapes pleasurable to the Gerfs.

"DNA" received from one or more (perhaps many more) Gerfs combines with the Gerfnid's own DNA. Either of two things may eventually happen:

1) In a process which is under the conscious control of the Gerfnid, the Gerfnid fissions. One half remains a Gerfnid and the other becomes a Gerf. Both have the memories of the original Gerfnid, so the "progeny" need not undergo a learning period as seen in humans. Although the fission process is under the control of the Gerfnid, she usually initiates the splitting only when directed to do so by a Gerf.

2) After 15 years without a fission, the Gerfnid "matures" and becomes a Gerf. For this reason, a Gerfnid might be considered an "immature" Gerf, although, for all intents and purposes, they are "adults."

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