The Crunk People and Other Lifeforms

CrunksThe Crunk are the people of the planet Crunk. They are humanoid, around 3 feet tall. They have no external ears, no nasal openings. They have two fingers and an opposable thumb. They have a single toe and no finger- or toenails.

The Crunk were first mentioned in my short story, "Pushing the Envelope."

Male Crunks have a purplish leathery skin. Females have a reddish skin. They have no external sexual differentiation other than skin color. Both sexes may use jewelry. Males often choose more colorful clothing.

Crunks dress similarly to humans--pants, shirts, etc.

The Crunk are a very studious people, which is one reason they never became a spacefaring people - there were enough things to investigate on their own planet without looking elsewhere.

“Crunk” comes from the Random Word “kick turn” (a standard turn made in skiing) > Anagram: crunk kit. “Kit” is what the Crunk call an immature child. “Crunk kit” sounded to me a bit like “Cronkite,” which led me to choose Walter Leland “Chip” Cronkite, Walter Cronkite’s son, as the source of one of my characters names.

Other Lifeforms of Crunk include:

Abutta: Sweet-smelling flower native to Crunk. Its scent is a common perfume.

The Abutta flower name comes from the Random Word “insubstantial” > Anagram: abuttal inns. “Abuttals” are those parts of a piece of land that abut on adjacent lands

Treeclimber: A wild, pig-like animal native to Crunk which is hunted and eaten. They have snouts similar to and used like those of terrestrial pigs but do not have hooves. Instead they have clawed toes more like cats which they use for climbing trees when foraging for fruits, the nests of the Crunk equivalent of birds, or combs of honey-making "insects." (Pushing the Envelope)



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