Crows are one of the more intelligent birds of Earth, comparable to humans, but this is is not known to the humans. All are mildly telepathic. Most are black, but rare ones are white or piebald.

In 2173, a small group of crows were sent to Patience aboard the Warren Ark. These included Grace, a white crow, who had a mutation causing her to be much more telepathic than normal crows. Also sent was Grace's husband, Bill, a normal black crow, and their 3 youngsters and 4 yearlings. The children were black, but had enhanced telepathy because they contained Grace's genes.

This group, the only crows sent to Patience, flourished because their enhanced telepathic abilities allowed them evade most predators. Their telepathic abilities were accompanied by a carrier wave which humans, although not telepathic themselves, were aware of as a distinct and annoying "hiss." The hiss became "louder" as the crow population grew. Humans did not associate the hiss with the crows, but thought it was some sort of disease. When they could not find the source of the disease, they abandoned the planet.

About 30 years after the humans abandoned Patience, Waxonian colonization of the planet began. Like humans, the Waxonians were not telepathic but could also hear the hiss, though not nearly as well. The Kindred discovered that the source of the hiss was the crows, but kept it a secret and used the hiss to convince the Waxonians to abandon colonization of Patience and to convince the Stellar Economic Community to declare the planet Uninhabitable and under quarantine.

The Kindred recruited the crows to guard the Sword of Ramunus.

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