Girl riding a saurianThe Saurians (which I once called "Raptors") do not play a very large role in Silver Threads, so I do not have much opportunity to provide examples of their language. They do play a larger role in Beyond the Windward Sea, so perhaps when I end my hiatus with that novel we will see more examples of their speech.

(The picture with the Saurian at the right was done with Poser 3 at the instigation of my wife, Janet. But it fits nowhere into my stories.)

Aitch-tu-ess - A curse/obscenity. Often just "aitch" is used. It stands for the chemical formula of hydrogen sulfide, H2S, the smell of rotten eggs, since saurians reproduce by laying eggs. (Golden Needles)

like nolari blood at snow-time - Very slowly. We would say something like "as slow as molasses in January."

Res - Honorific title used by the saurians. Res is short for "Respected." (Golden Needles) Res is analogous to the Yiddish "Reb" honorific, as with "Reb Tevye" in "Fiddler on the Roof."

Rotten Egg - Insulting term of address. (Golden Needles)


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